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DEA agents use NSA intercepts to investigate Americans – report

05.08.2013 14:49

Agents of a secretive DEA unit routinely receive tips from US intelligence agencies, including NSA intercepts, a report states. The sources are then concealed with "parallel construction" of evidence – a troubling practice that many call unconstitutional.

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WES 06.08.2013 19:04

Our founding fathers would be discusted with this goverment we have now, coruped scum bags. We the people are not free


Aine Mc Cotter 06.08.2013 13:20

This is nothing new.


Peter Naus 06.08.2013 08:03

As if lawyers are gonna say "Meh, we knew about it all along!"

Of course they were "shocked and dismayed", otherwise people would lose faith in lawyers and barristers and solicitors, and not know how to sue someone for stubbing their toe.


Mike Renfro 06.08.2013 00:30

shoot were all going to be killed


Robert MacKay 05.08.2013 22:14

Just like with the DHS/TSA at the airport - they are not searching for bombs or guns exclusively, they spend more time looking for people bringing an ounce of pot back form Amsterdam. It is all about promoting the war on drugs which in reality is just a war on the people.


billmelo 05.08.2013 21:46

I need a brown shirt XL stat!!


Lloyd Sewell 05.08.2013 21:13

With extreme regret - one has to come to the sorry conclusion that all things american is based on perverse form of extrmely venal corruption - that includes everything and everyone - hence - people in my local government who studied and got their diplomas and certificates in alerica can be classified as equally venal and corrupt - because they were trained in a totally corrupt country in governance principles that are totally corrupt - maybe when folks talk about america being the greatest country on earth - what they actually mean is america - the most corrupt country on earth...


Mike Hanna 05.08.2013 20:27

...almost like playing God. If you think this kind of perverted use of surveillance & eavesdropping on every US citizen could possibly have positive consequences for law-enforcement, etc., you're selectively not considering the absolute negative consequences such an abuse the of centralized control of disseminated information could have on our democratic way of life & the personal freedoms we enjoy. LIVE FREE OR DIE! That was once the mantra of anti-monarchy revolutionaries in the British colonies. You often hear of America's "Founding Fathers." Guess what Ben Franklin & Thomas Jefferson might have to say about PRISM?

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