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US lacks evidence in accusing Syria of using chemical weapons

25.04.2013 15:38

The United States Department of Defense says they suspect Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on a "small scale" in the country’s civil war, despite lacking solid evidence and having "varying degrees of confidence" in the allegations.

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Anonymous user 22.07.2013 06:22

USA backed cannibal rebels are using poison gas and then tried propaganda tactics to blame Mr Assad.

Anonymous user 06.05.2013 12:59

It is daylight clear,it is dirty mentalities of Zionist Warmonger of Next Door ??.

Anonymous user 06.05.2013 05:33

' immagine if McCain were incharge ?'

the lesser of two evils? no thank you.

Anonymous user 06.05.2013 01:47

'It violates every convention of warfare,'

t he corporate US govt violates every convention PERIOD.


Art Schmit 05.05.2013 18:17

Remember the history and purpose of the U.N. (Rockefeller/Zionist ). It is one of main tools of N.W.O.
Study up, the truth is the truth. The sooner you understand this the better. These are the masters of deception and manipulation the people are dealing with. Look behind that veil...please. Know whom the enemy is. It goes way back, drop by drop. Thank you.


Art Schmit 05.05.2013 18:06

Americans have been dumbed down by chemicals to make them passive, confused and divided. It is very difficult to find a person that can carry on an intelligent conversation, unless it is about a celebrity, or a T.V. show or a story made up by MSM scripted propaganda. People are poisoned here by the Zionist families. The U.N. was constructed by the Rockefellers and Zionists, why don't people get this?

Anonymous user 02.05.2013 11:28

Chuk Hage is most honest defence secretary of US, unlike others, immagine if McCain were incharge ?.

Anonymous user 01.05.2013 03:21

and there's WMDs in Iraq

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