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US preparing for military action in Syria, top US general says

18.07.2013 15:30

President Barack Obama is considering using military force in Syria, and the Pentagon has prepared various scenarios for possible United States intervention.

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Conservative View 08.08.2013 11:32

Arming radicals is only preparing our next enemies. Lets please learn from history which tells us that our brand of democracy cannot be exported and applied to the rest of the world. Terribly wrong they may have been, but the Assad regime held things together. Use force to stop the flow of arms into Syria, make an agreement with Russia and key Arab allies in the region what to do with the present leadership in Damascus.


Louise OBrien 08.08.2013 08:00

OK so we have all worked out that the Americans are good at talking about wars, but even they know they are far too bankrupt to start anything.

America's Government is about to run up yet another 700 billion in debt this year and this is with cuts in place, and the only jobs being created are for flipping burgers mostly part time.

Anonymous user 22.07.2013 14:37

Just let the Arabs keep killing each other!!!


TLO 22.07.2013 14:27

Could get very interesting regarding Bible prophecy which says Damascus will be destroyed Isaiah 17:1

Anonymous user 21.07.2013 22:47

It's time for Iran to put up or shut up. Defend Assad against U.S-Israel imperialism!

Anonymous user 21.07.2013 06:30

USA Isrial don't care there gonna attack

Anonymous user 21.07.2013 01:01

More involved then noted: Assad, Syria, Obama Peres, USA, Putin, Jews, Iran and China.

Anonymous user 20.07.2013 21:57

us refuses to show the evidence that syria used chem weps wre as Russia + un have showed evidence ag

Anonymous user 20.07.2013 21:25

The old same lies! The rebels are using chemical weapons nor the Syrian army.


cirockone chuckie 20.07.2013 20:38

Assad will prevail and the Jewish and the rest will feel the thunder wont be easy they predict assad to fall in a year and today its been three years a no win situation and bunch of innocent are dying and no one cares arming a bunch of terrorist rebels and organs eaters

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