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Denver legalizes marijuana for use on private property

10.12.2013 20:27

The City Council in Denver, Colorado voted on Monday to permit residents to smoke marijuana on private property, even if others can see them doing so from the street or sidewalk.

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John Shearer 03.02.2014 15:49

Any negative effects on people wil be countered 1,000 fold with POSITIVES!


Maxine Bradford Pruitt 11.12.2013 17:52



Denes 10.12.2013 21:43

Hands off private property!!!


Gary David 10.12.2013 21:07

hemp could be instumental in the manufacture of building material. It is stronger, more waterproof, cheaper and faster to grow than trees, It is a easily renewable resource. The only thing that's retarded is that it hasn't been used a long time ago.


Gary David 10.12.2013 21:00

I can't even get friends and family to look carefully at the ingredients much less determine if GMO products are used. I personally believe even restaurants should be legally required to list all ingredients and whether or not any of them are GMO. It's a no brainer that free people should have the right to know what we are being fed and make our own decision whether to purchase. As for weed, the only bad thing about it is that it may cause some people to have a lack of drive in their life and they may become complacent to things that matter.

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