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Government plans to euthanize hundreds of threatened desert tortoises it was supposed to protect

26.08.2013 20:19

Federal funds for a Nevada-based desert tortoise conservation center are running dry and wildlife officials plan to close the facility and euthanize hundreds of tortoises that were once classified as “endangered” and are currently considered “threatened.”

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Kathy Hagle 11.04.2014 06:15

This is just another excuse for a land grab in the western United States. They are doing to the tortoise what the BLM has done with the American Mustang. Killing them in hiding so as to control more "public" land. As with the mustangs I've heard rumors of whole herds being killed by the BLM.


James AZpatriot 10.04.2014 22:46

Jesse, I don't know where you live but I happen to live in Arizona and we have a lot of desert tortoise here.
This story is true and putting animals down because they are sick is only a excuse the government uses.
Believe it or not we have dozens and dozens of tortoise rescues and sanctuaries here that take in sick, injured, and unwanted desert tortoises.
The government refuses to allow a private organization or group to have them to care for them.
According to the U.S. government only our government is equipped to take care of the animals.
Underst and this situation better now?


Jesse Williams 10.04.2014 21:36

So here are the facts, don't by in so fast to what these sites like RT are telling you. After losing funding, the sick ones are going to be put down, because they could infect the whole population, that is decided by Fish and Game. The healthy ones are going back out. Source (something this site clearly doesn't want you to know because it doesn't sound like the gov they want you to think) - ewsletter/2013summer .pdf


Alana Beth 10.04.2014 20:12

They have no excuse for this lame decision! Just adopt the turtles out. Move them to other sanctuaries, or zoo's. Do fund raisers for money to feed them! This is all about greed of money and power! The hot place is going to be standing room only, teeth will be gnashing and fire will burn all the evil people for eternity. In the hot room you burn alive but never die! The people who kill these turtles are gonna pay.Just saying!


Tom Smalley 10.04.2014 18:06

Here Cows are Proven and Used to help the Turtles?
October 15, 2013

The disappearing bog turtle, newly distinguished among endangered species, has found a friend in the lowly cows that graze on marshy New Jersey farmlands.

On a recent crisp morning, 40 cows on that farm unwittingly participated by mowing down and munching on red maple saplings, sedges, ferns, and tangled weeds that might deprive the turtles of the sunshine
In March, the farmer had received a $4,000 federal grant to erect fences and gates to manage the cows'


Brandon Roberts DC 10.04.2014 17:45

I live in Brentood, what are you talking about? I doubt whole cities land would be worth Billions.


Kathie Blackwell-Wright 10.04.2014 12:28

Isn't this the same species that the Bureau of Land Management is using as an excuse to evict that ranching family from the land? !


Harris Hatfield 10.04.2014 11:52

The government only has one solution to any problem, and that is violence! It's so plainly in sight, yet most people refuse to see it. Reject violence, and you must reject government. Cognitive dissonance is no longer and excuse in the information age.


G-Man Nicholl 09.04.2014 12:29

The story is valid. Check out the SF Gate website. It's a paper "on this side of the earth." There are numerous other domestic sources for the article as well. Why is it so hard for some people to believe that our government is, at times, just plain stupid?


Tom Josker 09.04.2014 05:41

Got all the answers do ya Bonnie.......I suggest you do a little more homework..... Oath Keeper.....


Demented Elf 09.04.2014 02:09

its true they are clearing a guys cattle ranch the bundy ranch because of this. look into it they are gonna kill them and they are saying its to protect them.


Bonnie Jay 02.09.2013 05:34

There is no validity to this story. You don't really think news from the other side of the earth is more correct than the place the tortoises live do you?

There is no information here, just a story and conjecture.


Marjorie Blegen 30.08.2013 13:29

Why not let people adopt them? Why kill these beautiful creatures? It just doesn't make sense.


DinkumThinkum 27.08.2013 13:48

For awhile they had a program where, if you filled out enough paper work, you could adopt one that use to be a pet. But they would only give you all male or all female, because otherwise they might breed. Yes, that's right, they didn't want an endangered animal breeding!

T he government is also planning on killing wild horses in Nevada because they say there's not enough water for them and some may die by natural causes -- so they will kill them.

The government is insane at all levels, but the parts that deals with wildlife and conservation is a special type off crazy.


carelessnavigator8288 27.08.2013 06:09

BLM has always been a destructive force, and still is. You should google what they do to OUR wild horses.
How and why did my govt start to suck so badly.
I love my country, I do NOT trust my govt any more.


hawaiiguy 26.08.2013 22:56

Just fine the Israeli citizens who are currently stealing all of the US veterans land here in the US. It is disgusting that anyone, much less ISRAELI CITIZENS can legally steal US WAR VETERANS LAND worth billions of dollars from us and by us I mean AMERICANS. Wake up people, Jews are disgusting and need to be held accountable! Start by taking back the 4 billion dollar property they stole in Brentwood California from US Veterans. That will pay for the tortoise's for years. The only thing that stops it is US citizens sitting and doing nothing while Jews rape and pillage American property and freedom!


Chris Nunn 26.08.2013 21:11



PJ 26.08.2013 21:05

The US government is short of funds too - US$16 trillion +, and their books don't add up. Couldn't some government staff just be put to sleep? There are more and more of them too, and they are not even classed as endangered to begin with. I am sure that most of them wouldn't be able to survive in a desert either, although one could try releasing them into one to test the theory.
That way we'd feel better about it - at least we'd have given them a chance.

The n there would be enough money for the tortoises.

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