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DHS wants to use spy drones domestically for 'public safety'

26.07.2012 19:41

The United States already uses surveillance drones on its borders, but Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said during a hearing on Wednesday that flying unmanned aircraft inside the US could be the next step to ensuring “public safety.”

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julien 11.06.2014 22:55

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 01:08

Public safety? Thats what they will call spying now?


I think you mean, public safety. That's what they call k!ll!ng now.


Greg Zotta 05.02.2014 23:24

No drones in the US!

Anonymous user 29.07.2013 00:04

The 1.6 billion bullets are also for "public safety."

Anonymous user 23.06.2013 04:37

Want to??

Fyou fyou fyou - you already were and have been lying to us all this time.

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 20:36

This terrorist government needs to collapse soon.

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 20:32

I think we will be safer without the drones and Al-Uncle Sam.


Blu Clw 19.06.2013 20:08

This is John Boehners fault. Had he locked up Eric Holder for contempt the rest of Obama's lackeys would showing a little more fear and/or respect for the Congress and the will of the people.


Blu Clw 19.06.2013 20:07

"Despite these incidents, the FAA and DHS are still spearheading an accelerated drone program. Given Sec. Napolitano’s latest statements, though, the domestic use of drones for proactive surveillance could be coming more sooner than previously though."

Yeah its because tyrants never stop on their own, they always have to be stopped, and Congress is impotent now so the executive branch shows up, answers a few questions, spews a little tripe and then returns to whatever they were doing before the Congress distracted them with the summons.

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 18:37

Homeland Security was modeled after east german stasi, look it up.

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 18:32

This is very much a form of psychological warfare.

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 18:25

Is this how they wish to use the massive stock of ammo the DHS has slated to order or is on hand?

Anonymous user 10.06.2013 19:37

"This is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector."


Captain Black 07.06.2013 11:56

Close your jacket, Janet. Nobody wants to see what you've got there.

Anonymous user 01.05.2013 03:37

She is such a misleading official and should be removed from her post.

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 20:02

so whatever happened to the Goodyear blimp?

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 13:57

Reptilians all around us.


Jeff Jackson 27.04.2013 21:42

we put up fences for a reason

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