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DHS under fire for buying another 360,000 bullets ‘to save money’

26.03.2013 10:57

The US Department of Homeland Security has bought 360,000 rounds of hollow point bullets, in addition to over 1.5 billion rounds bought last year. Congress has questioned the purpose of the ammo, while the DHS claimed it bought in bulk to economize.

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Anonymous user 01.05.2013 21:57

uniformed military is not even allowed to use hollow points.

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 23:42

buy more bullets and expedite killing of Americans and suspected "traitors." ; The FEMA camps await us

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 07:12

Wake up to the obvious now.


Zwelinzima Sizani 04.04.2013 18:57

Sequestration is not meant for the USA Dept of Homeland Security, buying of more ammo is seen as "saving money". If this is not state cynicism, then the poor must wait-starve to death, the death of the dead...

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 10:00

The US criminal Elite have no shame they just want death on there hands


Steve Grim 03.04.2013 05:25

Lets pay twice the price so we can buy 5x what we need to save on buying bulk. Good business practice LOL

Anonymous user 01.04.2013 01:59

What budget line item did DHS use to purchase this ammo?

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 21:52

DHS is stock piling the ammo for the Chinese so they can use it to take the foreclosed USA land.

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 11:54

DHS MUST stockpile guns & ammo, 1 day rednecks, christians & GIs will wake from the 9/11 fairytale


Elect a New Congress 27.03.2013 14:23

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Anonymous user 27.03.2013 01:27

If their under fire they have to fire back and they can't use blanks. They need a bigger warehouse.


Keith C. Parsels 27.03.2013 00:08

Their not trying to save money their preparing for war.


Brian Flowers 27.03.2013 00:01

[quote name='Anonymous user' ]You guys realize DHS consists of over 100,000 Law Enforcement Officials right?[/quote]

OK, so that's around 15,000 rounds per person purchased last year, and they're still buying more. These aren't what you'd usually use for training, though they are sometimes preferred in lethal takedown scenarios as they're less likely to remain lethal after hitting the target.

So, that means either they're wasting massive amounts of money purchasing really expensive ammo to waste in training, or they're planning to have each officer make 15,000 lethal kills per year. 40 bullets per day, every day.

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