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Cops shoot diabetic teen after car crash

26.10.2012 20:06

“I didn’t know he was freakin’ diabetic!” a Cleburne County, Alabama Sherrif’s Deputy is caught saying on camera as he shakes his head. At that point, though, it was too late: he had already used his Taser on the suspect. Twice.

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mergon 22.07.2014 15:24

And what happens if they taser someone with metal implants in their spine ? where do go to get these hick town thugs Hazard county ?
And why do they have hang onto the trigger for so long ?
if i saw a a so called officer shot i would look the other way
to me its just another pysco of the street !

Anonymous user 23.07.2013 18:09

I guess I have to hop out of a car with my two broken legs and better start making sense in a trauma

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