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FBI claims to have thwarted terror attack in Minnesota

06.05.2013 15:55

Authorities said Monday that a terror attack was disrupted with the apprehension days earlier of a 24-year-old Minnesota man who reportedly stockpiled weapons in his mobile home.

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Tessa 03.12.2013 16:38

Anonymous, Fort Hood was only considered workplace violence until they needed to bump up the false "terrorism" ; threat to justify the NSA. It's ok, the spin doctors are hard to keep up with sometimes.


Only Truth 03.12.2013 13:20

They dont mention what right they had to search his house. The government made this up to appear as though they actually help the US citizens. They only work for the nwo kabal unfortunately.

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 05:05

Anyone named "Buford" should probably be on an FBI watch list. :-)


Jimbo 07.05.2013 04:34

What a waste of time and money! FBI's made up terrorism... jeez. Enough already!

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 03:11

yeah...their own attack...good job FBI...

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 02:01

Is every violent act "terrorism" ; now!? Pretty soon j walking will buy you a trip to gitmo.

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 01:39

One Down, 400 Million To Go

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 00:59

Did they create this attack too?

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 00:44

Wow, the FBI stopped their own plot again, and my dollars are wasted.


-Mike in Seattle

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 00:00

If he was a Mossad agent his FBI friends would have not noticed him!1!!!!!1one!

Revelation 2:9, 3:9

Anonymous user 06.05.2013 23:29

Fundraiser of ridiculous nature.. Must suck for them all to play second fiddle to DHS huh? What a jk

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