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Feds hide data on domestic use of drones

12.01.2012 19:24

The domestic use of stealth drones to survey America from the skies is no joke. The Department of Homeland Security has acknowledged that the US government has used the planes on the home front for years, but why and how is largely unknown.

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mergon 06.02.2014 10:58

We are all going to have to get our life skills up for coming
towards 2020 because that is their target to have everything in place ,look at the run up to where we are now, the government have a deficit that in the trillions ,it can never be repaid so there will have to be cuts in the system for the workers and raised prices and taxes ,while the rich are getting tax cuts and in the case of making stuff for the government they get an open ticket ,
learn how get as much knowledge as you can because your going to need it !


mergon 06.02.2014 10:48

The domestic drone program has one objective and thats is to control the people because they know what is coming
resources are running out and monitory systems are in trouble ,this is leading to social unrest , their drone and robot culture will put tens of thousands out of work in an already depressed market !


mergon 29.01.2014 10:08

Job, time ,vehicle and distance so how many people have a job involving a a vehicle and travelling a long distance in a vehicle to do that job ? well police for 1 fire spotters ,customs officers, ect ect , as we move into the government/ corporate world of replacing human jobs with drones people will have to get used to the fact that drones will be putting a lot of people out of a job , 1 drone can patrol hundreds of miles of freeway in both directions saving tens of thousands of
$ , work out the running costs for just 1 man and one vehicle for 1 year , because they are !

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