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Army colonel threatens to sue top general for 'concealing truth about Islam'

21.09.2012 18:50

A US Army colonel who was suspended from a top military college for teaching an anti-Islamic course is threatening to sue America’s top general for “violating academic freedom” and “caving in to Islam.”

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Annie Calbe 12.07.2014 02:33

If he knew the truth about Islam, then he would not have been a non-Muslim by now. God reveals the truth with whom He wills.


SourceKnown! 11.07.2014 20:44

You cannot teach about islam, before you have proven to those who understand it, that you understand it!

Ot herwise all you offer is a biased perspective, if you wish to teach! first you must study and understand.

Islam is a progressive belief system, that primarily focuses on self understanding from challenging what you know, viewed from as many different perspectives as possible, to determine the truth and promote development through self expression or elumination.

As all the religions relating to those, who seek to understand their relationship with the one God!

Christ ianity, Islam, Judaism, all paths to God!

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