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Drone crashes into battleship, causes $30 mln in damages

06.01.2014 15:38

A US Navy battleship suffered $30 million in damages after a drone accidentally crashed into it during a military exercise and injured two sailors.

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StumpedtheChump Again 25.04.2014 15:22

No problem, call Yellen tell her to print 30 million more dollars by running the press for an extra second.


Michael 01.02.2014 13:03

Create economic activity? For who? You going to give me a rebate on my taxes? Those morons actually think I believe what they're saying. Take one of your biggest drones and cram it up Oblama's rear end and, touch off the hellfire attached to it.


Larry Butler 01.02.2014 05:27

The rednecks in the American South are just itching to be the first redneck to take down any drone stupid enough to fly over a Southern state. Our swamps will be littered with drone parts...probably even the ones from Amazon with our stuff in them....


Albert Scuttlebutt 31.01.2014 23:11

Yet another example of America shooting itself in the foot.


mergon 29.01.2014 09:19

so no one checked first that the signals to the drone could be scrambled by the ships radar , sometimes things in plain sight like ships radar are just taken for granted !
Perhaps in the next sea born tests we might see the radars turned off !
I expect by now they have worked it out !


mergon 13.01.2014 11:13

Well if i wanted an update for my ship i would crash a drone in it and claim the money off the drone makers !


Ramanujam Sooriamoorthy 10.01.2014 06:17

That's what some would or might call a piece of good news.


Albert Wedworth 08.01.2014 16:18

That sure is an expensive Peace of Carbon covered Plywood. My God.


JPSamulcek 08.01.2014 12:37

Well it's too bad that my fellow commrades were hurt but this must be better than killing innocent civilians.


Steve Lee 08.01.2014 08:23

It isn't a battleship, it's a missile cruiser.
A battleship wouldn't be crippled by a drone crashing into it.

Lets not be lazy with the truth pls
Calling it a battleship is anti-establishment propaganda.
we don't need to play that game


Jason Schafer 08.01.2014 03:18

Two wings in the pink and three in the stink. Two for lift and three for guidance. A bargain at 1.5 million if you believe the price. ?


Jenner Fornos 08.01.2014 03:10

Hopefully the unmanned aerial vehicles won't crash into private residences when they're deployed on U.S. skies for around- the- clock surveillance of American citizens.


Howard Lewis 08.01.2014 02:19

That is one way to become an admiral under the Bush cabal or Obummer administration.


Ra Heru-akhety 08.01.2014 01:08

No people, it is a WW-2 era battleship and that is a V-2 rocket.

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