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Drone surveillance quickly becoming routine in Colorado

19.12.2012 22:02

According to new information obtained from the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), law enforcement there has relied on unmanned aerial drones for surveillance purposes since as early as 2009.

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mergon 06.03.2014 09:09

Police in UK been using drones for years , = they are a lot cheaper to run and maintain than helicopters with pilots !

But they are easier to bring down ,signal jamming is the preferred method but a good crossbow that fires a buckshot load will do the job .

they have to go !

Anonymous user 28.07.2013 23:18

Good for the police to finally be getting a form of over head eyes as to not have to use choppers."

Anonymous user 07.04.2013 00:22

Drones are “Very valuable to any tactical officer,” ... What exactly have they accomplished?

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