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Drug-resistant bacteria: 23,000 deaths a year in US and getting worse

17.09.2013 14:56

A lack of new antibiotics, coupled with the over-prescription of existing ones, is making many formerly routine diseases untreatable, according to a new report published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Wilson Boozer 21.12.2013 17:27

In a biology class in 1953 we were told what the consequences of urestricted use of antibiotics would be. Apparently no one listened. As recently as 2001 I was advised by my boss when I had a cold, to go to the doctor and get an antibiotic shot. In forty-eight years we learned nothing.


Donna Meadows-Ward 30.09.2013 16:05

I am in agreement with many of you. Antibiotics are incorrectly used through mass productions of food such as livestock, fish etc. Examine for yourself why they are used. Just for thought. Perhaps in our consumption of food (s) that has been given antibiotics, and our air and water flowing with pollutants that has caused our infections to begin with as well as our resistant to treatment. (My fact: the reduction/permanent removal of GMO foods & Clean H2O We look & feel better. Immune system better along with a healthier life). Clean Air?


Gyanendra 19.09.2013 19:33

Start using Tribhuvankirti and related Ayurvedic remedies you can get along better.....


Marvin Lubs 18.09.2013 20:42

We really need stringent measures to the mis-use of exisiting antibiotics especially in low income countries.


Josh Haynes 18.09.2013 14:49

Why can't we try using vitamins and minerals the old fashion way? Things that naturally help your body heal.


Little Johnny 17.09.2013 23:18

The dominoes line up perfectly. Food, energy, drugs, water. When collapse comes (not if), it will be perfect as if by design. To top it all kids being educated with Laptops and ipads. Mega useful for the future that is heading our way like a 1000 foot tsunami. How many blacksmiths do you know?


Tim Baker 17.09.2013 21:31

I threw your buddy's step-sister a bang for a beer and a ride.


Ade Chapman 17.09.2013 21:20

If possible invest in your own microscope and do some research into your own health x


Jānis Romāns 17.09.2013 19:55

Ok, humanity can die, because of this. Terrifying!

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