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‘Black Box’ or ‘Spy Box’? US regulators want to make car data recorders mandatory

28.12.2012 20:18

US regulators want to make event data recorders (EDRs), similar to “black boxes” used on planes, mandatory on all cars produced from September 2014. The move has sparked a tense debate between safety advocates and those worried about loss of privacy.

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Stephen Lucas 06.04.2013 16:19

We all know this is all about control, weeding out those who don't conform to their repressive initiatives. How long can this power-sapping from the people go on. You power-mad tyrants of the people, we know you are a cesspool of decay and corruption and out to destroy everyone's lives by making your repressive proposals sound noble by mentioning that EDRs can save lives. Well, I can tell you that saving lives is NEVER EVER your prime concern - only destroying lives with your legislative nonsense and condemnation.

Anonymous user 21.03.2013 21:22

Sign the petition to oppose the use of automotive EDRs in your private vehicle!

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