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FDA urges action as US sees doubling of energy drink-related hospital visits

16.01.2013 17:10

Energy drinks have been labeled a “rising public health problem” in the US, as youth consumption of the high-caffeine beverages has doubled the number of people seeking related emergency medical treatment.

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Spirit Matter 02.03.2014 17:56

Rights can be endowed one of two ways, equally or unequally. Almost all societies have been based on the unequal way of superior/inferior rights.

A primary mission of government based on equality is to make sure every individual has all the information available about a product to be able to make an informed decision. The individual has the right to make that decision only for him/her self

A primary mission of government based on inequality is to protect all by prohibiting a choice that the government thinks is harmful. The government claims the superior right to harm the individual who makes a harmful choice.

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