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FBI sued over secretive mass surveillance program

10.04.2013 15:48

A privacy watchdog group is suing the FBI over the agency’s failure to fulfill Freedom of Information Act requests for documents involving a secretive and expansive database that could be used to track down anyone, anywhere and at any time.

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Anonymous user 11.04.2013 04:31

FBI sued over secretive mass surveillance program

Anonymous user 11.04.2013 04:28

Kendrick, I just signed up 2 weeks ago and made $5000 with this program, who knew Monopoly was FUN!

Anonymous user 11.04.2013 04:00

America needs a regime change. More responsible and serious people. that dont waste all they get.

Anonymous user 11.04.2013 03:59

On certain conditions only. They can ID your chem composition. But all this is exp.

Anonymous user 11.04.2013 03:58

Old tech. They can read your thoughts and way more. smell you from drones. it is true.on certain

Anonymous user 11.04.2013 03:43

North Korea will save the american citizens.

Anonymous user 10.04.2013 23:53

It's called the 'American Dream' because you have to be asleep to believe it.

Anonymous user 10.04.2013 21:58

Smile. Big Brother is watching YOU.

Anonymous user 10.04.2013 21:55

where is the american constitution-- OH! wait it's to old to use anymore good by american dream!!

Anonymous user 10.04.2013 21:50

1984 seems to be a reality, on top of that it seems those maniacs wants a "Terminator&quo t; future,so sad

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