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FAA puts no-fly zone over Arkansas oil spill with Exxon employee in charge

04.04.2013 03:37

The FAA announced a temporary no-fly zone would be enacted indefinitely over the Arkansas oil spill. With word that an Exxon employee was controlling the airspace, though, speculation pointed to the idea the oil company was trying to keep the media away.

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Steven Lockwood 13.04.2013 18:42

wow, apparently these "anonymouse&quo t; posters say exon did not use government powers to establish that no fly zone and total restricted access to affected areas, public and private.. then how can they explain how exon got the power of immenant domain to build those pipelines anywhere they wanted??


Armus 10.04.2013 19:45

Here on the gulf, we know all about oil spills. Good luck ever seeing a dime from exxon and enjoy the cancer and $5 gas to follow.


Jeff Mackey 10.04.2013 04:09

It's past time to be able to cover this up. A 1000' and 5 mi TFR is nothing, really.

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 03:48

A TFR at 1000ft agl wont stop anyone from getting pics or vids of the scene even with an iphone.

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 03:02

1 drum = 55 gallons
1 (petroleum) barrel = 42 gallons

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 02:57

As an experiened aerial photographer.... 2000' AGL and a Nikon D90 w/ 200mm Zoom, plenty detail.

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 02:52

What irresponsible Official permited a subdivision development within a pipeline Right of Way?

Anonymous user 07.04.2013 08:53

Please watch the movie "The Corporation"


Kelly Nelson 07.04.2013 05:22

Oil Spill Eater II the worlds most effective safe means to remove oil/spills permanently from the environment. Exxon Tested OSE II in 1990 for the Valdez spill and per two of their employees learned through testing OSE II is the most economical means to clean up spills. Exxon is cleaning up the Arkansas spill the old costly hard way making everyone mad thinking they can run over anyone, which they have. They know of a more economical means to clean up spills, and had they utilized OSE II as the rest of the world is switching to the Arkansas spill would have already been cleaned up. Exxon Stock holders cannot be happy!


Alice Smith 07.04.2013 01:06

Free speech,freedom of association, freedom of the press v Exxon pretty horrific example of contaminated corporate politics

Anonymous user 06.04.2013 16:57

They're hiding more than just an oil spill, they have to be to be this secretive. Media blackout!

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