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Choose your (Facebook) friends wisely: Companies assess social media accounts before lending

27.08.2013 22:17

A handful of growing companies are turning to social media sites like Facebook to assess the risk of lending to potential customers.

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Doubutsu No Mori 11.08.2014 05:38

I dont trust any lending company, Period. They are all out to steal personald data.


Bruno Leroy 03.09.2013 10:39

Some of the Social Media Agencies like kreata Global are prmoting quality contents. Some guys are making wrong data to attract users by promoting it by these fake accouncts as it supppose to be the black hat method in Social Media Marketing.


Stan S 30.08.2013 00:51

Jing Yagunazie 28.08.2013 06:20

how can a lender check your FB account when they are not on your friends list? keep your profile hidden from being searched to begin with.


Ha ve you been sleeping under a rock?? How do you think Facebook makes money? They sell user data to marketing firms. The bank then buys this data in bulk, and finds your name in there. No such thing as privacy on Facebook.

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