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Facebook: Governments demanded info on 38K users, protesters & political activists among them

27.08.2013 16:08

Facebook received about 26,000 government requests for information about 38,000 users in the first six months of 2013, with half of the orders coming from the United States government.

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Chris Riley 25.12.2013 18:38

why does the government need to use FB. I tell the gov straight to their face that both the politics and corporations flushing every penny from the people who own the money. Us. No longer need their services and all offices will be closed immediately and no compensation will be administered.


Jim NonameYo 24.09.2013 15:21

numbers? who cares

when are they going to release ALL the fricken ""NAMES&qu ot;" that that monitor. Or is this still a secret to those who are trying to murder us?


Nancy Farrell 28.08.2013 08:00

Surely by now the governement has hackers who work for them and can just get whatever information they want whether sites like it or not?


1mh4rdc0r3 28.08.2013 03:23

@facebook do you think we believe you?


Gabriel Ceniceros♫ 28.08.2013 01:25

that guy with the gas mask in the second picture is using twitter not facebook...


Simon 27.08.2013 22:30

that is the twitter mobile app


Freesaxon 27.08.2013 22:22

Tim Galli 27.08.2013 22:06

How would Facebook feel if it knew that some of those investigated face prosecution, persecution or harrassment due to them handing over users data?


On a corporate level $$$ $$$ Unphased I would have thought


Tim Galli 27.08.2013 22:06

How would Facebook feel if it knew that some of those investigated face prosecution, persecution or harrassment due to them handing over users data?


Greg Erkins 27.08.2013 20:37

They want the names of the people that are showing the truth. If they can silence them the US can continue its uninterrupted blanket of lies upon its people.


Glenn Yu 27.08.2013 20:36

They've gotta be nutcases or brainwashed severely if they think the political activitists are problems. Them political activists mostly were forced to become political activists due to the severe torture-level mistreatment. How could a bunch of threat-less individuals be on your watchlist. Do you even realize who are your true enemies.


Alex Povolotski 27.08.2013 19:37

If they have a court order -- then yes. Otherwise, Facebook must not comply.


SCushner 27.08.2013 19:33

Hi All, it is too bad that trying to make money in more important then your freedom from big brother having access to all your conversations. And to Larry what's wrong with American women? Do you really think this is the forum to be looking for someone to marry? RT and these hard working reporters are trying to inform you about things more important than money! AND personal ads will no longer allowed because big brother has stopped them all in the name of censorship. Get a GRIP, the NSA is spending more money listening to us citizens then it is to educating poor children, etc.


Farah Theodore 27.08.2013 19:04

Talk about freedom of expression. It's like voting and your ballot is checked to verify who you voted for. Bending over whenever requested. Everyone's selling out.
The extent they'll go to. Invading peoples privacy, invading ones home or the order of the day. There seems to be no ethical or moral boundaries.


Alex Luis Miller 27.08.2013 18:20

That picture of the person on their phone isn't even facebook, it's twitter.


Larry Powell 27.08.2013 18:00

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Adil Imrani 27.08.2013 17:58

the time of privacy is gone forever


J Fawkes 27.08.2013 17:46

This is red herring nonsense.

T he extent of U.S. surveillance powers has nothing to do with 'requesting' information. They shortstop communication without the need to request.


PJ 27.08.2013 17:05

They are not even covert threats - they are overt threats, so that shows how sure the government is of its own power to crush dissidence. Personally, I don't use Facebook, as I regard it as asocial, not social.

Rea d Animal Farm by George Orwell. He wrote about this type of government behavior in 1945. Anyone who does not agree with the status quo is the enemy.


Qasim 27.08.2013 16:47

"Russia, the largest country in the world, only submitted one data request for user information throughout the six-month period"

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