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Family sues cops over 19 Taser blasts

24.10.2011 20:57

On November 16, 2009, police were dispatched to an East Grand Rapids, Michigan residence following a 911 call in which the dialer said a man broke through a glass window.

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Pandalie Simeon 12.11.2013 03:55

Academic discussion of excited delirium has been largely confined to forensic science literature, providing limited documentation about patients that survive the condition. These circumstances have led some civil liberties groups to question the cause of death diagnosis, claiming that excited delirium has been used to "excuse and exonerate" law enforcement authorities following the death of detained subjects, a possible "conspiracy or cover-up for brutality" when restraining agitated individuals.Also contributing to the this is the role of taser use in excited delirium deaths- Good ol wiki, knew it was bogus

Anonymous user 31.05.2013 02:31

"Excited delerium" - TASER company created horse$hit.

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