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Farmers demand feds probe Monsanto and Dow over crops and chemicals

18.04.2012 19:30

Over 2,000 farmers and others within the food industry are threatening to take the US government to court to make sure that feds act quickly in investigating the potential outcome of a new genetically modified crop.

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Jeremiah Hinton 15.08.2014 19:01

Couldn't agree with you more Marc and Jennifer. I dont think Monsanto lawers have souls.


Gilworth Jennifer 05.01.2014 04:22

Marc Authier (unregistered) 30.11.2012 23:44

It is very good news. Enjoy your organ failures and your cancers dear cretins from California. They dont care. I would say USA is runned by vicious pervert psychopaths. They love to kill kill kill kill kill kill. Not just in Irak and its almost divine justice to see a lethal cancer bio terrorist like Monsanto selling Zyclon-B food to your kids and killing you. The American Dream at its best ! Enjoy Coca Cola and die.


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