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FBI classified information about OWS assassination plot

02.01.2013 17:29

Only one month into the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations last year, plans were formulated to identify key figures in the movement and execute them with a coordinated assault using sniper rifles, new documents reveal.

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Ct Zitzmann 13.02.2014 06:33

son of sam returnz

Anonymous user 30.07.2013 19:25

Proof or it didnt happen.

Anonymous user 04.07.2013 08:49

show the documents. Why post something so provocative without demonstrating the proof...?

Anonymous user 05.05.2013 02:57

How about publishing the documents....I would like to see them for myself...


Andrew Pease 04.05.2013 23:36

A declaration of war against nonviolent protesters. Pure and simple.

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 17:12

The article of FBI information is very informative and give us very powerful information of FBI

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