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FBI cyber team claims victory over Anonymous

22.08.2013 03:42

The notorious hacktivist group Anonymous has been essentially neutralized according to the FBI, which cited a series of arrests as putting a damper on the group’s influence.

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Lahat Khereb 28.07.2014 08:19

So what if People are Wrong about this Anonymous Movement, just in regards of cautian, what if The FBI/CIA/Illuminati played a Apart in its creation, to bring a false hope to People, that freedom can be obtained by such rallies hacking etc. 1 of the Illuminati Game Cards is linked to Hacktivism


Lars 09.11.2013 00:29

It would seem to me that Anonymous is the voice of the people, as the government is now the voice of the corporations. Long live Anonymous.


Brian Elliotte 27.10.2013 08:56

Rats like sabu get what they deserve. There is no honor in being a snitch. Anonymous is waking up the world to our corrupt governments and people are banding together because of their diligence. God bless Anonymous!


Carlos Gomez 03.10.2013 22:44

Wow sounds like they really hurt the people again, nice job by the fbi, and hey aren't they supposed to be fighting crime ?

Why do we pay these people ? An you know how they got the low level guy and forced him through various means to give up other's to save his, well you know. So I am wondering how much the tax payer is going to have to pay for the law suit that will be pending ?


Deathhacker Deathaces 27.08.2013 14:39

Anonymous is foever the fbi is a joke if there so good why havnt thay caught me for my cyber crimes?
uv only caught a few to the 20k+ Anonymous
member s that will replace the sabu is a joke he is nothing but a low class hacker who turned on his fellow hackers


Sea Skii 23.08.2013 21:45

We are not dead, we are legion


Chanel Barnard 23.08.2013 17:44

Lol seriously? They've arrested 5 members Lulzsec and Anonymous has been neutralised? Anonymous is not just a bunch of hackers - its thousands of ordinary people. And if Anonymous has been neutralised then why is there a march on Parliament in November with over 2000 people attending? Yeah Anonymous has taken a real punch....


Alex 23.08.2013 08:58

The FBI might think they have but they most certainly have not even touched the tip of the iceberg!


Ben Young 22.08.2013 21:16

Strange how my comment about Anons apparently infiltrated into high positions in the U.S. army got deleted? Certain things are not to be seen I guess... Read it on RT too!


anonywoof 22.08.2013 20:29

If you think arresting a handful of hackers indirectly connected to Anonymous achieved anything you are a fool. The numbers are rapidly increasing and the hive thrives. You should be more fearful then ever. It's no longer just computer geeks. They are from all walks of life and world wide. People who are will to step from behind their computers and take the fight to the streets. Frankly, you have not seen nothing yet. Wait for it. The best has yet to come.


Julianne Maynus 22.08.2013 19:59

loooool not all of LulzSec pled guilty, there is at least one member they could not track down, they only found a general location. nice try 1/10


Trent Fillmore 22.08.2013 17:35

Lulz Security is not part of Anonymous, nor did it play a significant role in the hacking of Sony.


Andrew Pease 22.08.2013 16:41

The FBI has a victory over Anon..... And I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn, real cheap.


Terry Allen 22.08.2013 15:19

Dern! I wish people would get it right! LulzSec is *not* "Anonymous" ; at large. Just a few interesting "members" that let thir activities get the better of them. But they are not, and do not speak for the "group" as a whole.

And the Feeb? Well, they caught a few less cautious players, but the movement as a whole is not over. Not by a log shot.


Alex Shepherd 22.08.2013 15:13

Isn't Iran and China picking up where Anonymous left off? Our banking web sites seem to be down often still; I'm not sure when the victory begun. Maybe today?


Peter Boyle 22.08.2013 14:58

ROFLMAO. These 5 are NOT Anonymous, they are a splinter group. The best Hacksters are quietly going about their business without attracting attention. DDOS attacks do little more than create headlines. Their claim of code breaking is ludicrous - Public Key Encription is unbreakable. The Dark Net is where everyone is now, and it is pretty safe if you take care. The most important stuff is hand delivered anyway, since NSA and others scavange meta data, leaving the 'authorities' wondering what is going on. Now they are getting low hanging fruit - Pedophiles (not the smartest of them). A deeper web is in the works


Alan Daniel Rueda 22.08.2013 14:54

I think that John Gentry is completely incorrect. The FBI is as efficient now as it was before. If anything what is holding it back is the fact that America has so many enemies nowadays compared to before. Also if you read all the studies of Affirminitve action more than 3/4 of them state that it has helped to push the economy forward and overall has had a positive effect. I don't know where John got his information but sadly he is mistaken.


Sigmundr Úlfheðinn 22.08.2013 14:10

Anonymous is sucks, glad this happened.


Chris 22.08.2013 11:59

What goes around, comes around. Sabu will get his, and Anonymous will never be silenced. You can arrest the men involved but you can never arrest an idea. Remember, remember the 5th of November.. Get involved in your area, look up and participate in the 'Million Mask March'. This November we will show them just how alive and well we really are ;-) You don't have to know how to hack to be 'Anonymous'. We are all Anonymous in that we are all fed up with the actions of the rich few against the poorer majority and we will not stand silent anymore.

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