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Licensed criminals: FBI informants authorized to break the law 5,600 times in one year

04.08.2013 23:48

In at least 5,658 cases in a single year alone, the FBI authorized its informants to commit crimes varying from selling drugs to plotting robberies, according to a copy of an FBI report obtained by USA Today.

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kenn 07.08.2013 03:56

As this story states, it is not only the FBI using "Paid criminals" to spy on and set up the public. It's going on in every city and town in America. Protected drug dealing, human trafficking, and crimes for the chosen, then kick backs and pay offs for the Community and Service Club leaders, and it's called "GANG STALKING" by the victims and targets. Search the internet for info on "Psychological Warfare or Manipulation: In Covert Type Investigations" and "Gang Stalking"!!!


Daniel hudd 06.08.2013 11:18

By allowing some criminals to break the law, in order to bust another is nothing more than the worst practice of entrapment. It is a violation of the Constitution. Not only should the FBI be sued, those involved should lose their jobs and taxpayer pensions over this.


Max21c 06.08.2013 10:39

Washingtonians are crooks, criminals, and thieves. The secret police of the Washington Regime reflect the values of the Washington Regime. The US Government and its so called "intelligence community" is the worlds largest criminal enterprise. Its just one giant fencing operation over at the Pentagon, NSA, CIA, and FBI for the targeted theft and redistribution of stolen property, stolen intellectual property, stolen intellectual works, et cetera. They're all in on it and they all know what's going on and they all support it, condone it, go along with it, collaborate or help in some way in the coverups.


Max21c 06.08.2013 10:34

This type of criminal behavior by the FBI is typical of the criminal behavior and criminal subculture of the Washington Regime and its secret police. The US Government and its secret police are the world's largest organized criminal enterprise. The Washington Regime routinely uses its secret police to engage in political persecution of American civilians as well as economic warfare activities against American citizens such as the theft of private property, intellectual property, economic espionage, industrial espionage, bugging's, break-ins, burglaries, robbery, et cetera. The Washington Regime is a pack of thugs.


A.L.S. 06.08.2013 05:31

So these guys, who looove to say how terrible, crooked, unjust, and immoral it is to break even tiny, stupid laws, brush their own crimes to the side for the sake of "justice".

...Well then what the heck is justice, then?

...An d why does RT censor their comments? Seriously, the word "h e l l" is offensive? Jesus Christ, RT, get it together! Free speech much?


David Becker 06.08.2013 03:24

If I was running the place I'd do the same thing. You have two choices: 1. Start with nothin' and hope you work hard towards maybe gettin' somethin'. Or # 2. Be given alot of information, but let some slip through your fingers in order to guaranteed pin new felonies on a bunch of dirty rotten old crooks. I like 2. Butterfingers!


Sharon Storm 05.08.2013 19:35

the entire US gov't from obama been lyin all the way down are criminals and sponsors of state terrorism. fire them all! end the fed!


Alan 05.08.2013 19:14

These are not informants they are criminals who are now working for government agencies. More media disinformation. These criminals are given carte blanche and can do whatever it takes to get the NWO job done.


Neily Dennis 05.08.2013 18:53

From Obomba downwards they all commit crimes in order to get to their agendas. We are all to believe that these are the 'good' guys.
Rife with corruption!


Dan 05.08.2013 17:21

To get the big fish and keep credibility of informants you have to do this. It's common sense. This is a poor selection of an article for RT. RT should be looking into the real condition of the USA economy. That is federal reserve printing money to control the US stock market. Alot of people are unemployed, far greater than what's reported. When the bottom falls out of the US stock market, there will be other "Snowdens" trying to get into other countries. Just to get a job.


sandra 05.08.2013 16:15

Law enforcement is above any laws. They will lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want. That is just how it is. Very few if any good ones anymore. They should be held accountable for their crimes instead of paid to rip off the citizens.


TigerLily Gzz 05.08.2013 14:43

Fighting crime with..... crime? Love how the LE Public Information Officers whine when it's the people videotaping THEM and call that "baiting." Friends don't let friends be cops.


Cheyanne Cody 05.08.2013 10:56

First of all, this is not surprising. Second, if the figures are 5,600 times a year, we can all safely double or triple them. Nothing, but nothing will ever susrprise me again ever since Obama was elected, not once, but twice. This pretty much says it all.


penelope powell 05.08.2013 03:48

According to Hopi Heidelberg, a member of the grand jury which indicted Tim McVeigh (OK City bombing), McVeigh wrote letters to his sister in which he explained that he was now working for the govt. According to McVeigh, it was part of his job to commit crimes. Mr. Heidelberg gave a presentation at the Granada Forum, an LA County public patriot group.


Steve Smith 05.08.2013 02:08

Well when you think about it, Police officers that are undercover are allowed to break laws as well. So really its not that unbelieveable

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