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Terrorists and criminals: Documents prove FBI monitored OWS

24.12.2012 19:47

Newly obtained documents confirm that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was monitoring peaceful protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement before the first OWS demonstrations even began.

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Marina Meadows 03.03.2013 22:17

This is important !!!
7 Months afterContacting Anti-Corruption Police/Florida,watch video: 6uiofjg see mother from vibrant to a Hospital! Coincidence?Then Began month February/2013 contacting Florida Senators again to no avail ! But surely my mother ending up in Hospital Feb/28/2013 COINCIDENCE?More than 10 Years to every Government Institution and Florida Senators / 2+yrs to Inspector General and again State Attorney.Office / 7+mos to Anti-Corruption.Poli ce Department Miami-Dade / Demanding Investigation TO NO AVAIL!
Killing us w/out GUNS! Plz read my tweets at pradera123 or just Google me

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