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FBI engineers terror plot, creates terrorist

30.11.2010 21:22

The FBI arrested a Somali-born teenager in Portland, Oregon for allegedly planning to bomb a crowded Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.

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Tessa 03.12.2013 16:57

These same tactics are used for drugs and anything else they wish to create. Do yourself and your children a favor and do not let them watch TV. They call it programming for a reason. The public schools going to zero tolerance over spit balls and other nonsense is another example of of how they indoctrinate the young to not question authority or government. A logical person especially in light of the Snowden leaks should be able to realize that government has gone rogue against the people. Of course since they control the media, most are blissfully unaware of how bad it has got.

Anonymous user 06.05.2013 06:57

No wonder Boston happened

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