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Senate advances bill that would cement NSA’s bulk collection powers

31.10.2013 23:22

In a closed session, the US Senate Intelligence Committee approved draft legislation that would codify into law the NSA’s bulk collection of domestic telephone metadata.

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mergon 18.03.2014 12:40

Look at that boatrace it looks like it could crack a granite grave stone ,i will bet she has spent so much time clawing for money that life has passed her by !
Your gonna tell me now that she is jewish arnt you !


henry 04.11.2013 16:01

I love Diane Feinstein. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. She is the female version of Thomas Jefferson and I love how she constantly defends her constituents freedoms.


NSA 04.11.2013 08:10

Being a US Politian can't be very hard when your able to do the job at 80 years of age. I suppose the lobbies do the work for her. She just need to ensure she doesn't have a doctor's appoint at the same time as the senate votes.


funkytowel 04.11.2013 02:42

"change we can believe in" -Democrat and company.


Jeff Davis 03.11.2013 02:53

She advances legislation to spy, lie and steal and then asks for more transparency about collection of the intel. She is off her rocker. Making zero sense has been her moniker of late (at least from where i sit) and her continued presence on the intel committee is deplorable.
I'm incredulous.


Wally Greenwell 02.11.2013 14:35

Of course, to anyone paying attention, this confirms that what obies NSA has been doing, is illegal. Why draft legislation to make something already legal, legal?


Marvin Loftis 01.11.2013 22:13

Ok so this just reinforces what Snowden let out and makes it official that the government can and will spy on us and others. So much for the land of the free,,. Oboma said he wanted transparency of the government, what he ment was transparency of the citizens to the government, they can see all, we can see nothing unless it is burried under 10,000 pages of bs called a bill.


Aebe mac Gill 01.11.2013 20:47

Mr. and Mrs. America - Fie on fooling around with the 2nd Amendment , I'm a gonna mulch the Constitution entire and use it in my garden of evil .
Thank you and God Bless , Senator Diane Feinstein

Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry


Marie 01.11.2013 18:59

"secret warrants for most any type of 'tangible' records"
As stated on SNL that means that faeries and wishes (the intangibles) are off the table for NSA data mining. LOL


cheryl 01.11.2013 18:03

Keng Long 01.11.2013 15:15

she is protecting Israel/jew's spying interest.


About 6000 Isralien defense contractors have another $60,000,000,000 in US contracts this year. The Israliens provide "security" for many of the world's nuclear reactors. That's how they got to bomb Fukushima reactors.


cheryl 01.11.2013 17:58

The Israelis did Fukushima; they nuked the reactors. See Jim Stone's analysis.

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