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Fitch puts US credit rating under review for downgrade

15.10.2013 20:57

Global credit rating agency Fitch has put the United States’ ‘AAA’ credit rating on “rating watch negative” based on stalled debt ceiling negotiations.

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Captian Kangeroo 16.10.2013 15:07

To all you debt holders of the U.S.A. treasury notes. You have been warned that your investments are going to be vaporized here before long. Sooner and probably not later the Ponzi scheme will end


Suzanne Fritsch 16.10.2013 12:44

Got bonds? I hope not! On social security? Too bad.
The gov spent all our money and we are broke. Plain and
simple. Congressmen need a pay cut and THEIR health benefits dropped. Then they can represent.


JailBanksters 16.10.2013 07:06

big deal
thing is, if they can borrow more money to pay their existing debts they are rated AAA, but if they can't borrow any money they're AA. This is so F'd up.

Paying off one Loan with another Loan is seen as a better Credit Rating than if your Living within your Limits.


sandra 16.10.2013 03:49

Boo hoo. Get Obummer impeached and Reid and Pelosi and a few others out of our government and we will get back on tract with the right leadership. Obummer has no experience with the military, foreign governments (except Kenya), the Constitution of the USA and simply how to run this huge company that is our country. Shame he ripped us all off with his cronies by his side. We need a great leader after Obummer gets impeached or kicked out of the White House. And for sure not idiot Hillary who denies Benghazi and she cares less to take any accountability for the dead seals and ambassador. Hillary showed her losing hand.


Stevey Classic 16.10.2013 01:33

With needless military operations,and an option of ridiculous inflation or no government and taxes even during government shutdown I fear we share a destiny with Yugoslavia.


Amin Jafarov 16.10.2013 01:13

browndirtus 16.10.2013 01:00

Wow I thought the credit rating went down to AA in 2010 how did it go up with a 7 trillion dollar increase in debt ??


It didn't, not with this rating agency. S&P demoted them, but Fitch kept them at AAA. There's a Chinese rating agency called Dagong which has the US at just A, and they had this position for a while. Makes more sense if you ask me.


paul flood 15.10.2013 22:55

The dollar has never actually been worth one dollar, it has only been perceived to be worth $1 .Right from it's beginning it has been debt based with interest attached and constantly devaluing till now . Your dollar is worth nothing it is just a type of bond for slaves.


Carlos Gomez 15.10.2013 22:22

As for global event's that take place, Phil is sort of right, it would be a rolling tsunami throughout the globe. Major agenda thats accomplished is total control from that point over the 99% people of the world. All a masquerade for the nwo. Shadow games is what their toying with. Plain and simple.


Tyler MacDonald 15.10.2013 22:17

I agree with Bissonnette Phi.


Carlos Gomez 15.10.2013 22:15

to some degree, but you all seem to miss what would take place in the event of a default. The Administration in order to comply with the world's bank back in 2008 used for collateral everyone's 401k in 2008 as a guarantee. Don't believe me? Look it up.


matthew saffle 15.10.2013 21:25

remember when a dollar used to be worth a dollar?

nei ther do i.


Siberia Khan 15.10.2013 21:14

you can not trust a ratings agency particularly when based in USA

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