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Florida wants to deploy drone fleet to help kill mosquitoes

15.08.2013 16:28

The good news is that modern technology may have finally helped find a new way to eliminate mosquitoes. The bad news is that it’s going to require more drones.

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Davis Smith 11.12.2013 08:51

What I have to say about it is that to kill and stay away from the mosquitoes, one should hire a pest controller who can make you away from the problem of pests.


Davis Smith 02.12.2013 09:22

Its amazing, looking at the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you provide. I'll bookmark your blog and visit it weekly for your new posts.


Dean Goedde 26.09.2013 17:44

I'm 100% in favor of natural control measures such as natural predators. Smaller drones could do quick recon as mentioned in the story, then larger 'heavy bomber' drones immediately deliver eggs/tadpoles with precision. This dual drone system would greatly speed closing the loop between detection and the fix. versus tedious manned delivery and provide control. All areas could be treated regardless of access difficulty.

Disclaimer : I am a doctor of drones in real life, but I DON'T play one on TV :)


Al Stevens 16.09.2013 15:11

Unfortunately we come back to the corporate solution of using still more chemicals.
Corpo rate chemicals are behind the declines in populations of the predators of mosquito larvae such as tadpoles frogs and fish.

How about we boost those populations instead and get a little bit closer to the natural balance? And that would have side benefits both up and down the food chain.

Oh but there's no kickbacks to politicians in doing that.
The frog and fish populations don't have budgets for lobbying and campaign contributions.


Luiza Rafferty 16.08.2013 12:38

No, No, NO! They always get it wrong!


Gweum Burl 16.08.2013 04:03

Is this why there's no bees? Nature would have killed off mosquitos if they weren't required. Human ignorance is at it again :-(


Frank Mc Carthy 15.08.2013 23:09

That is what the Devil will tell you. In reality drones will be used more frequently to and eventually mame and kill US citizens.


WorkTogether 15.08.2013 22:05

Now that is a good idea! Not for killing PEOPLE! But an even better idea, is to use drones to patrol US border. However, as it was reported on RT the other day, as Ban Ki-moon said, "drones should be employed for surveillance purposes only" Not for KILLING people! Drones would work well with surface border patrol units. Drone tech is clever, but not for incinerating innocent people.


Ken 15.08.2013 21:56

The drone people are very busy drumming up business the days; where in Florida is there NOT standing water? Spend the drone money on pesticides, you'll be farther ahead. Good grief.


Mouse Clone 15.08.2013 18:08

..."target that specific region with the appropriate pesticides"

really? this is the best idea? There are things that we humans do that really disrupt natures ability to kill us. Nature needs to kill some of us. Let the pet live. I'm not sure what they are useful for.


mickey12gauge 15.08.2013 18:06

This is just another way to keep and eye at the people!

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