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Florida city passes ban on hiring smokers

03.10.2012 19:25

In an attempt to save money on insurance, a city in South Florida has banned hiring employees who smoke or use tobacco products, causing some Americans to complain that the government is controlling too much of their personal life.

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Javier Díaz Pedrosa 11.09.2013 20:18

They can also ban automotive traffic within their shitty city, because exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide and carcinogenic substances! Yay! These laws reflect upon this city's inhabitants...I would vote out of office any political leaders who would even consider the passage of such a ludicrous measure.

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 09:55

If it sucks so much for the smokers they can always quit.


Zackery Fix 01.05.2013 10:57

I need a lawyer.

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