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Florida sheriff wants drones to monitor civilians

14.01.2013 17:54

Drones have already been deployed across several US states, but thousands of UAVs could soon be flying all across the country for surveillance purposes that some privacy advocates consider unconstitutional.

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Domenic Patrone 27.11.2013 21:29

Do we want to pay for drones is the BIGGER QUESTION to be asked!

Anonymous user 21.07.2013 12:47

The 1% AngloIrish Elite who own 99% of British colony called USA want drones for personal protection

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 21:39

I thought it was a UFO, and in fear of my life, health and safety... I shot it down.

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 16:39

i have seen a large drone in south miami
flying east over miller road at 2 in the afternoon


Mad Mike 23.03.2013 08:13

The more I think about it the scarier it gets. Imagine, that tourists would be issued Tourist-Tags that must be worn at all times while visiting the country. Because drones will immediately report any human being that doesn't have a tag. There's also nothing preventing these tags from storing our identification in the form of an RFID chip embedded in it. The cops no longer need to ask you for identification. They'll know who you are just by standing near you. I don't like this movie anymore, turn it off mommy...


Mad Mike 23.03.2013 08:07

It's just a matter of time until they tag all of us with little homing beacons that these drones can pick up with their cameras. Then (they will say) it will be easy to spot the illegals and help to keep everyone safe.

Citizen-19 20392 has been located; proceed with termination.

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