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Battle of the bulge: US food corporations fueling obesity epidemic with addictive ingredients

26.10.2013 10:21

By 2030, more than half of Americans could be obese, taxing the nation’s health while costing the country $500 billion in lost economic productivity. The food industry, however, is doing its best to keep the public hooked – no matter what the price.

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Kit Holz 28.10.2013 21:46

Stay away from fast, convenient or processed food. That simple.

Don 't drink stuff which comes with corn syrup.


Leon the Professional 28.10.2013 17:12

There is a lot of truth to this. I work out more than 4 hours a week doing brutal sword martial arts (iaido and kendo). Even though my arms and legs are very muscular, I still have a gut, probably from all the coke zero and red bulls I drink.


Bob Johnson 28.10.2013 13:47

Ultimately it's the individual's responsibility to care for their own bodies. less than 20% even exercise now. Sure, laws should hammer "Big-Food" , Americans now consume over 130 lbs of sugar per year- unreal. Obesity will further cripple healthcare in America. Still, the buck stops with what you see in the mirror. Eat low-fat, no desserts (eliminated sugar), move & sweat, yea- you'll lose weight. Move your asses…. it'll drop pounds.


J Jay 28.10.2013 01:31

Don't want to become obese, then stop being greedy. EAT LESS!!!


Scott M. Tomasula 27.10.2013 22:36

Don't u know how to take care of excessive population ..distroy their diet..withdraw medical care..foster disease!


David Garcia Antoñanzas 27.10.2013 20:23

I am a vegan, some foods should be forbidden like some drugs are. And bob is your uncle!


Codename Taco 27.10.2013 17:47

Stop eating junk and you'll withdraw quickly enough. I gave up adding salt to things, now I hate eating out because I resensitized to the taste. Also, a bag of frozen steam-in-bag veggies is often less than $2. A bag of broccoli only has 120 calories in it. That's a lot of bulk in your stomach for very few calories. Add a starchy fruit or a whole grain and you're full. Getting processed junk out of your diet is cheap and easy. A potato bakes in the microwave in 4 minutes, add a touch of olive oil and parmesan or top with sauteed greens. Eat 3 greens and 5 other veggies a day and you won't miss processed foods.


Kenneth T. Tellis 27.10.2013 15:59

The Corporate Bums make money by selling garbage food to the poor in major cities cross the USA to fill their ciffers with pelf. But the spin off is tht the Pharmaceutical companies are also making big bucks on the drugs that cure obesity. This gravy train has got to stop somewhere, so if the people stop buying JUNK foods, it might be the first station, follow up nd that nd make them stop at another station along the way.


jeff strehlow 27.10.2013 15:37

From article: "And while critics might also point toward issues of self-control, the foods which are least healthy are also the cheapest, although this reality is more a failure of government policy than an inevitability."

I don't agree with that. There are are many healthful foods that are also inexpensive. I eat fairly cheaply but have no problems with my weight. It helps if you make your own dishes and avoid many of the processed foods.

Actually, obesity is caused by several factors: lack of exercise, overeating, confusion about nutrition, processed foods manufacturer's disreguard of nutrition to name a few.


Jason Bedard 27.10.2013 12:55

It really is a difference between income gaps and food selection in most places. I usually work 6 months and then on unemployment income for a month or two. When I am working I can afford to get the organic foods. I usually get 27 items that are the same each week. When I purchase items at the Wholefoods they cost between $65-$70 a week. When I need to budget my money for food I can get the same items at Foodlion for between $35-$40 a week. That is a huge difference but I have to watch what I eat. And it isn't as satisfying as the natural foods. Even though I eat the same calories I am often artificially hungry.


Maynard 27.10.2013 10:13

You must LOOK around. Read a label. YES, poisons are added to food. Yes, poison flouride is added to water. Yes, fast food is poison parlors. Yes, you vote with your spent dollars. Buy no poison.

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