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New record: 15 percent of Americans on food stamps

11.03.2013 19:30

Government dependability is continuing to rise, with a record-breaking number of Americans enrolled to receive food stamps. The latest USDA report shows that 47.8 million Americans, which make up 15 percent of the country, are receiving the benefits.

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THE TRUTH 03.08.2013 19:12

Some great comments but FEW IF ANY OF YOU got to the heart of the matter: Just as people receiving these massive amounts of free money/entitlements/f oodstamps worth up to thousands of dollars a month (which they can put on their debit card!) have no motivation to work (the math), so Democrats (think Obama regime) DON'T HAVE ANY MOTIVATION to lessen the poverty. In fact, Democrats WANT and NEED MORE POOR (think more state control) because you end up getting hooked on their crack, SO THAT THEY CAN COUNT ON YOUR VOTE (more freebies). Democratic regimes NEED their poor and underinformed voter base. Socialism = crack!!

Anonymous user 29.06.2013 01:21

It seems more to do with unchekced population expation.

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 16:34

Corporations tell politicians to pass laws allowing them to move their manufacturing offshore.

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 16:04

FYI: 4.04 million is NOT "most" of 47.79 million. It's simply the highest percentage.

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 20:49

Bill Ohio
Blame the weak and powerless. I'm proud to be American. Free to bully the weak.

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 20:42

Bill Ohio
Americans blame single mothers and fathersless children for all its problems.


Justin Mustful 07.04.2013 18:18

Problem is you make more on Government assistance than you do working a job. I have a friend that is single with 2 kids, she gets $1200 a month in food stamps a month, $850 in rent a month, and $5000+ back in taxes at the end of the year. That's the equivalent of 29600 a year in aid, plus she is allowed to work up to 15 hours a week and keep all benefits.
I work full time at 12$ an hour and still make less then her. Minimum wage is $7.50, so here is the incentive to work outside of the shame of being a dredge on society, which few of these people actually have.


Acomp Uter 06.04.2013 18:50

I would feel for them, really I would, but the surplus of Chrysler 300s, Caddies, and Chargers in the DPSS parking lot change my mind for me. Get real, bunch of fn low lifes. I work for Dept. Weig&Meas, almost got my kicked cause they thought I was cutting in line to dpss office, but only trying to get to work 3 doors down.


standupamerica 14.03.2013 22:23

lol, there are too many idiots. You can't get FS unless you are 100% below the poeverty line- what does that mean? These people don't have enough to supply themselves with clothing, food or housing to live a healthy life- so that means we have 15% of Americans that don't have enough for food, housing and clothing to live! Stop blaming these poor people for ruining this country when they are victims of a corrupted system! Get a job? The participation rate has fallen to 58% of Americans who are working... you think that 42% are lazy??? Stop lying to yourself and the people around you and StandUP! www.standUP-america. us

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 15:24

Ain't you glad you voted for Obama ?.

Anonymous user 12.03.2013 22:17

reduce debt, reduce unemployment. if you get rid of food stamps, they would all go to work, solved!

Anonymous user 12.03.2013 19:43

Food Stamps - the new unearned money. Yet another government freebie.

Anonymous user 12.03.2013 15:20

By keeping hours < 30, you don't have to pay for abortions via forced premiums. Thanks Obama.

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