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Californian cops to be fired for beating homeless man to death

24.05.2012 21:31

More than a year after they beat a disabled homeless man to death, three California police officers are expected to be fired from the force soon over their role in the killing of Kelly Thomas.

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Amador Camorlinga 21.05.2014 22:28

tengan cuidado ciudadanos que los verdaderos malos tienen permiso y asta les dan patrullas armas y todo un equipo para hacer daño a la increíble ver este tipo de videos de una sociedad que creen tener derechos humanos y eso le isieron a ese pobre indefenso de la calle que no habran hecho durante su carrera policiaca ...yo mire que todos los policías son lo mismo y solo dos fueron a quienes les impusieron se puede esperar nada bueno de la policía gringa ...solo son criminales...


Cathy Colburn 09.05.2014 04:15

These guys have got to be the ugliest cops I've ever seen. So they beat to death a defendless homeless man to make up for their ugliness. I can't believe they're getting off this easy. FIRED that's nothing compared to what they deserve.


James Saunders 08.05.2014 22:37

OMFG a US of American citizen, a human being is dead. As a result of some bored or pissed off guys with badges and hand guns, who are concerned they might have to fill out an employment applacation to another police dept or government agency. All thanks to a DA who couldnt get an conviction with blantent evidance. Now if it wasnt cops doing it "I mean people who dont work hand-n-hand with the local DA office and Judges" the outcome would be very differant.


Tony Montana 21.03.2014 04:04

Its a shame the person who shot VJay Cicinelli ran out of bullets. Maybe this homeless guy wopuld still be alive. IS this why thet are called 'pigs'?


tobe 20.03.2014 01:52

Firing is not enough--they should be strip of their pension--all public/civil service benefits! And if you are sued in civil court they should be held personally liable! That kind of callous behavior is criminal--AND cops can be of the criminal mind!


1984 19.03.2014 19:06

hanspy 18.01.2014 06:12

Those cop faces.Are those the normal common look USA cops looks?When i see such faces i never ever trust such guys. Do not know , but they look more like fat maffia than as cops.


Face of western demoncracy.


K Kapowski 23.01.2014 17:28

Sick. That one on the right sure is an ugly cuss, they both are.


hanspy 18.01.2014 06:12

Those cop faces.Are those the normal common look USA cops looks?When i see such faces i never ever trust such guys. Do not know , but they look more like fat maffia than as cops.


Joan Maricola 16.01.2014 03:17

this is so up setting to see i throught police man are to keep us safe and lock up the bad people kelly thomas was not a killer its was so up setting when he call for his father again and again please put the police man away that kill kelly they belong behind bars for ever


Amber Shiree Sullivan 15.01.2014 04:37

Just fired!? Oh poor guys! What ever will they do now? This is sick. That man didn't do anything to deserve any abuse. That first cop.... The Pillsbury doughboy, is fully to blame!


Woody McBreairty 29.09.2013 06:27

I often wonder how human beings can be so cruel to animals & abuse & shoot them. I wonder no longer when I see human beings torture & kill other human beings in a moment of high emotion & anger. I respect the police, their lives are on the line. But I don't think they are screened carefully enough. Some have emotional problems, prejudices & perverse sexual proclivities , even S&M tendencies & abusing others gives them a sexual rush from the power & control under the legal cover of their badge. Some of them need to be fired, some disciplined & some arrested, tried, convicted & jailed or given the death penalty.

Anonymous user 04.03.2013 23:29

Normal for usa, 1930s Germany and 1st century Rome!
Does ya get it now, usa?


Richie Roche 03.03.2013 08:36

Shocking story...this poor man had medical problems and needed understanding....not beaten to death by the people sworn to protect.....As Johan said....they are murderers and no badge can hide that.

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