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Fox News paid former executive $8 mln for silence

10.12.2013 18:07

Former Fox News executive Brian Lewis has reportedly been paid $8 million to keep quiet about the inner workings of the secretive news organization.

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Alex Semiletow 10.12.2013 23:41

Is anyone actually surprised?


Tyrant 10.12.2013 23:01

Everytime I see that Fox News logo I always think of Idiocracy.

"Fox News!"
&quo t;Boom!"
&q uot;Boom"
& quot;Yeahhh!"


Diez Sanchez 10.12.2013 20:01

Next time a minority bad guy gets cornered by authority cops who need a snitch, they need this guys lawyer! Tell s cops" sorry fellas but I got paid 8 million to be quiet"! Yep,ya cops were on to something but, I got paid & my lawyer said tell ya to kiss it!!
This"talk to my lawyer defense don't work for minority! Come on, cops, 8 million just to shut up! Can, ya imagine what's on the other side of the rainbow! No more using your no oversight undercover authority to set up minority & pinch drug money to pay d mortgage! Get d key from that guy & go straight to d magic kingdom! After all,cops represent justice!aagh!

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