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Confirmed: Fracking caused Ohio earthquakes

03.01.2012 18:42

Ohio lawmakers have put a temporary ban on fracking after experts say it is certain that recent fracking in the Buckeye State caused an outbreak of earthquakes.

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John 18.05.2013 10:49

Fracking is dangerous and polluting and those who do it know it. But, unfortunately the only people who care or take notice of protests against it aren't those in power, because they profit from it. The only people who take notice of protesters against anything are those who would spy on you and store infomation as to your apparent political beliefs. If you want to hurt those who profit from all this vandalism done to the earth, simply park your cars up and don't buy fuel. If they lose their power which comes from your lazines they have no hold over you, buy a bicycle or walk. You'll feel better for it.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 21:42

it looks like they don't know what they're talking about.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 03:36

We've been fracking wells for 30+ years - It's just the enviro bandwagon of the week. Jump on!

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