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1 million tons of Fukushima debris floating near US West Coast?

05.11.2013 17:08

Over a million tons of Fukushima debris could be just 1,700 miles off the American coast, floating between Hawaii and California, according to research by a US government agency.

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Don F 19.04.2014 00:51

If all my truth were form public media or books for a public- then I assure you 100% with no doubts what so ever I will have no truth at all.
Truth can be discovered by using the mind and recognizing the clues that Remain.
Truth is a precious thing and NEVER handed out freely.
I’m wrong for sharing but- I cannot sit and watch an entire civilization reduced to such low numbers over the next few generations (slowly) so as not be noticed easily. Lowered to slave hood due to grand ignorance-much due to genetic modifications.
U NDERSTANDING how raise levels of active DNA the reverse is also true


Don F 19.04.2014 00:44

ICBM's are a threat to those who possess them- do you need details RT?
My posts have nothing to do with FEAR- it’s about discovering TRUTH.
This up and coming struggle over Israel
I will an example of how TRUTH can change a world.
IS- Egyptian Goddess Isis
RA- Egyptian Sun God
EL- Egyptian God of Saturn
Now that I share this truth let’s move forward -
A slave given your own promised land by your own personal God?
And what name do you choose? The same name of the deities of the nation whom enslaved you?
I’m not against any race any man or woman I go with truth where ever it may be DISCOVERED.


Don F 19.04.2014 00:33

This is a wakeup call public-do your best to educate yourself (know thyself)
Stop freely accepting what is handed out to a media for the public levels of truth or a staged act- a play to report on and highlight in the media as a redirection for your mind creating ideas away from higher discoveries that will never be shared with public
Snowden and cell phones internet hacking?
Try Nano technology that made privacy a MYTH
They won’t offer this to you to report on RT and you airing Snowden helps ensure it remains hidden- redirection
ICBM "S a threat? Maybe for public thanks to media- Space based weapons see RAYTHEON


Don F 19.04.2014 00:14

Personal knowledge - a personal discovery of a high truth - very limited knowledge not permitted to a public and even when attempting to share they generally can’t accept these levels of science
I’m not making fun- I pay dearly for sharing - and I will pay more shortly
There’ s a genetics branch of science but also many other branches hidden to mankind in general
There is a method in which a mind can be made to become incredibly intelligent- so intelligent that a public’s level is like a small child in comparison
But it doesn’t make the man wise- a wise man would never use the powers of the atom as a weapon


Don F 19.04.2014 00:03

How low is the minds of the public become-?
Public is not aware there are no such directions as UP or Down east or west on a Sphere same shape as our own planet.
Imagine an entire race not able to recognize on their own - their own bodies positioning in relationship to their own planet- that’s how low mind has been reduced.
The tragedy being - How many can understand the absolute critical necessity of recognizing these simple basic levels of truth?
A sphere has only in to center out from center counterclockwise and clockwise directions and no more than this- and this can’t be argued.


Don F 18.04.2014 23:57

If I were of an ancient mind I would call the public’s vision lowered eyes.
The genetically superior eyes then would be labeled as (ALL SEEING EYE)
Genetic modifications can be made easily through water air and food alone.
The only reasons i share this phrase know so well to the esoteric and many people assumed to be conspiracy loons is to give the public an idea of how long this has been the conditions for man the slave.
CHASE the paper- even has a circle for a LOGO similar chasing one’s own tail- they flaunt it because their minds are superior in intellect only. Never to be confused or mistaken for WISDOM.


Don F 18.04.2014 23:50

Personal knowledge through experience- Man is not the dominant species and hasn’t been for quite some time. But as I stated before you can’t even give truth away


Don F 18.04.2014 23:50

Another truth RT
You can genetically modify the human organ of sight as well as change the process within the brain-to become blinded to contrast and great errors in depth perceptions
A human race born into these conditions would never know
Optical illusions would be given freely- Newton certainly understood better
It’s not an illusion at all- its error- the geometry on the paper simply HIGHLIGHTS the designed error (limits)- and when you turn your head and walk away this error stays in you not the paper
Desire a better fighting soldier? No problem- we can design (turn off switches) and remove compassion.


Don F 18.04.2014 23:37

How bad has it become? You cant even give truth away anymore.


Don F 18.04.2014 23:35

There are things going on in public that if they ever cared to discover would lead to great violence (unfortunately).
Change of direction is what is needed -not more wars or hate or violence.
Heres a secret ( in their own interests)
Corn is not the only geneticly modified substance- does the public care anymore?
With levels of intellect CONTROLLED and memory so short - can a public care anymore?
How bad has it become? You cant even truth away anymore.
RT -
Theres alot of news to be discovered- UNCOVERED- but that takes BALLS


Don F 18.04.2014 23:31

[quote name='mergon' time='22.02.2014 11:21']No accurate knowledge as to where its gone ? lies lies and more lies, 1960s America placed placed deep sea buoy,s into the worlds oceans to measure current ,flow and temperature and there are a lot of

I guess they forgot your still alive and still have your truth- and you know its a lie -
The new generation would never know these truths when your gone- or others who have witnessed similar truths and recognizing the lies given freely to a closed - shut out media.
Press used to be the watchdogs for the public and had large teeth for the beasts who ruled- but no more


Don F 18.04.2014 23:25

If its in the public media - it suppsoe to be-
When all is simply handed to a media - they must trust have faith it is accurate,
NOTHIN G WORTHY is ever given freely. Secrets ensure that- there is no more investigative (FREE) press.

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