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New York City shocked as anti-gay hate crimes come out of closet

20.05.2013 10:13

As the Big Apple struggles to come to terms with the murder of a gay man in Greenwich Village on Saturday, an uncomfortable question emerges: Are Americans less tolerant of gay lifestyles than the recent spate of same-sex union legislation indicates?

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Anonymous user 22.05.2013 06:06

many countries are rejecting western Frankfurt school social policies, in especially islamic ones

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 03:53

Wow. Can't believe I see all the hate here! Are you all from some hick town in Georgia???

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 03:14

Some of Americas problems would be best fixed with Russias missing RA-115s.


Ken Tarnowski 21.05.2013 12:14

Not in any way condoning this outlash against homosexuals, but I believe this is a violent outcry against sin because the socialistic/communis tic manifesto government won't listen to the majority of people speaking against this lifestyle. Our government representatives do not represent our views nor fight for us anymore unless it is to destroy the family and take God out of the equation.

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 06:51

Even a homosexual, still, has the image of God- but he has fallen and become an enemy of the church.

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 02:22

Criminals target us all and they do not represent our tolerance as a society.

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 01:51

Rip. very sad xx

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 01:00

they should have let the people in each state vote on this, but no they lie and saw we support

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 00:58

they are less than 3% of population but they are pushed in everything, enough already Hollywood!

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 00:56

the pro homosexual crowds are nothing but tyrants, and thugs

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 00:54

t hey try to pervert our children at their schools, leave our kids alone!

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 00:52

You cannot speak out against it, if you do your attacked, and you could lose your job.... insane.

Anonymous user 20.05.2013 21:38

The comments here are vile. A man was murdered, show respect and stop spewing your hate. Disgusted.

Anonymous user 20.05.2013 20:51

New Yorkers lose their back-bones after 911, they complain like little girls...whimps - Chicago!!!

Anonymous user 20.05.2013 20:07

'I just learned to Blow Myself, does this
make me G ay?' NO, that make u a Dog

Anonymous user 20.05.2013 19:55

Western media makes it fasionable to be a gaybo. Adam and Eve please. NOT Adam and Steve!

Anonymous user 20.05.2013 19:34

The Monk: If American In Romania gives me a Head and a Rim
Job, that's doesn't make me G AY does it?

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