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Bush: Snowden ‘damaged the security of the country’

01.07.2013 14:33

The security of the United States has been compromised due to the recent disclosure of documents pertaining to secretive government-run surveillance programs, former president George W. Bush told CNN in an interview set to air Monday.

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Spiral 01.05.2014 13:38

He (Snowden) may have damaged the security of that so-called "government&quo t;. Maybe Mr. Bush confuses that with the "country" - it would merely be another Bushism. Like not caring when being told that the country is under attack, eh? No, no, a criminal lot and the country are not one and the same! :D


Mike Martin 26.04.2014 19:02

No Mr.Bush it was you and your Arab friends who damaged the security of this nation.


kanavelov andropv putin 25.04.2014 21:33

Who is this joker kidding look at what he and his party and democrats did - read my post on his brother...
The stench of Nepotism if you look at the English aristocracy circa 1775 you will see that the American Government has come full circle and that as a nation we have failed...Americans get out there and vote Independent party also with the mission to rebuild our relation ship with Russia...It has gone far enough and two Bushs gave us nothing but failure and hatred toward us as Americans.

Anonymous user 12.07.2013 15:15

Russia has agreed to Snowden's asylum request and has Magnitsky suite at Butyrka ready for him now!


Caryn Gleason 11.07.2013 04:21

I swear I seriously thought this was an Onion piece. Dear GW, you sir have **Zero business** pointing fingers at anyone for "damaging our national security!" The biggest threat to our national security is our finances.

Anonymous user 04.07.2013 07:26

The US must stop go around the world lecture peoples on human right and democracy. Snowden TRUE HERO

Anonymous user 04.07.2013 05:07

Past rhetoric HOW did Snowden damage security? Told the truth? Sad that truth = damage in the US

Anonymous user 04.07.2013 01:53

Look who is talking.

Anonymous user 04.07.2013 00:41

and to take our freadom away

Anonymous user 04.07.2013 00:20

a war that would take the focus of the US debt but it failed. Now Obama finishing the job for Elites

Anonymous user 04.07.2013 00:19

Look at this monkey, lying thieving murderer - 911 was ordained by Bush as a way to start a war..

Anonymous user 03.07.2013 21:49

who really cares what the dim son thinks anyway?

Anonymous user 03.07.2013 20:18

This a-hole needs to swing , best thing you can do Bush is STFU and hide...... if you can .

Anonymous user 03.07.2013 16:26

Bush did far worse than Snowdin . By invading Iraq, Bush destroyed America.

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