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George Clooney to testify on behalf of Berlusconi?

30.03.2011 16:30

Silvio Berlusconi's defense lawyers have named George Clooney and an assortment of showgirls as witnesses at the Prime Minister’s upcoming prostitution trial.

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RockyRacoon 17.06.2014 16:58

He was contributing to the GDP of the country what more do you want? Isn't that what our special friends in GB are calling it these days that and drug dealing? The crime is it is still a crime and the same people are living the HIGH LIFE out of human misery they create by calling things crimes that are human behaviors natural and a solution to these things-well documented. Just look at the poppy production in Afghanistan little wonder Tony jumped in the game so fast. That is a large source of revenue-legalized as hilly billy heroin though pharmaceuticals are safest-but they have to have the control create.

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