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State of emergency in Georgia as second massive snowstorm moves in

10.02.2014 15:06

Less than two weeks after a rare winter storm paralyzed Georgia and wreaked havoc on the state’s roads and residents, Gov. Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency as more snowfall is expected this week.

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Miguel Maciel 13.02.2014 13:42

For all you that are saying southern people don't know how to drive in the snow its not the freaking snow that kills us its the ice buildup. How can you even remotely compare Georgia too Chicago or New York when it comes to weather like this. This is normal for all you northerners but for us down here in the south snow is not common much less ice.


B Sacks 12.02.2014 07:01

Why does the MSM in the USA call a 1-3" snowfall a MASSIVE storm? WTF? When I see 1-3' (that's feet!) then I'd get excited.


Robert Smiley 12.02.2014 07:00

2 to 3 inches? That's supposed to be a big storm? I'm looking outside my window right now and seeing a minimum of 8 inches of new snow and it's still coming down but there are no cancellations, no school closures, no abandoned automobiles, no last ditch runs to the stores. Simply no emergency! why? Because we take precautions where I live, we all use snow tires and chains in really bad conditions. We all dress appropriately for the cold weather, we always have plenty of fuel in our cars, plenty of food in our refrigerators, plenty of candles, batteries etc. in the very off chance that we had a power failure.


Morrigan Nic Cormac 11.02.2014 17:00

I have to say people in the South have no clue how to drive in snow. When I was in the military at Ft Bragg in North Carolina, we had a snowstorm which dropped a mere half inch of snow on the ground. Even though the road near the barracks area had a speed limit of 15 mph, there were cars stranded all over the side of the road just like in these photos. I told all the Southern boys it was no wonder they lost the Civil War :)

Sometime s snow can be as slippery as ice, but usually it is safe to drive on with care and few people here in New York would have much of a problem driving on 2.5 inches of snow on flat ground.


Mark De Vol 11.02.2014 05:30

lol The top picture shows a Minnesota car stuck in the ditch!


Maynard 11.02.2014 02:03

I predict patriarchy will throw an infantile tantrum as it is collapsing. (this year)


Zardoz 11.02.2014 01:38

Fun Fact: You cant drive in the south when theres ice because of the high superelevation of the roads, the roads are crowned to have better drainage. Cars just slide right of the road sideways


William Dica Don Hernández-Ortiz 10.02.2014 23:34

Being from Cleveland,OH, I had to laugh a little bit, but I do understand your dilemma. The key is to be prepared. Badger your local governments to purchase fleets of salt trucks and plows.


Enlightened 10.02.2014 23:19

They don't have snow plows or salt in about 90% of the populated areas because this sort of thing happens once every 3-10 years.

Comparing this to weather in Russia or Alaska would be like comparing an Apple to a Egg.


robert lung 10.02.2014 23:15

Hillbillies can't drive in the snow. They can drive moonshine around and that's about all. hahahahaa


Jared Thomas Schiffli 10.02.2014 22:23



Ben Young 10.02.2014 21:38

Storm? Those photos look like our springtime.


Boy Interrupted.... 10.02.2014 17:53

...the reality is the south is woefully unprepared for anything winter related...I live between NYC and Philly, we just had 3 inches last night, in a winter of almost 40 inches, that was just icing on the cake...a brutal ice storm struck last week that left almost a million people without power in Eastern PA, many sections in Philadelphia's Main Line still don't have power...the south would cry for the Federal Gov't aid which they tried to deny the North East after Hurricane Sandy...


Gabe Reed 10.02.2014 17:52

Chris Harrison 10.02.2014 17:45

LOL 2.6 inches?? That is nothing at all.


It might be nothing for you, but here in the south where we withstand summers that remain 90+ degrees for weeks on end, it's a big event. We do not have the assets, salt trucks, plows, for it. On top of that while snow is one thing, typically that snow melts and quickly turns to ice. You can't drive on icy roads with no salt trucks anywhere to be seen.


Jason Bedard 10.02.2014 17:46

It could be worse this time around. The regular Beenie Weenies are gone and people are buying the store brand ones now.


Chris Harrison 10.02.2014 17:45

LOL 2.6 inches?? That is nothing at all.


William D. Logue 10.02.2014 17:05

Yes I agree there should have been better response for public safety, but common sense dictates you PREPARE for weather. I think it's only common sense to also have a few days of food, water, and medicines on hand for such an occassion. And seriously, if you're not used to the driving conditions, you shouldn't be out in it. Not on the news like some backwoods hick trading tales of a twister.

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