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US government shutdown: LIVE UPDATES

01.10.2013 01:17

The US government shutdown has ended 16 days after it shuttered federal agencies and put nearly one million workers on mandatory leave. An eleventh hour agreement spared a potentially catastrophic debt default and promised future negotiations.

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Fahad Haroon 01.10.2013 04:18

WTF US had Money to go Bomb Syria, 3 weeks ago, all of sudden now they Shutdown the Government.


Chris Riley 01.10.2013 04:17

second best thing that can happen to Amerika. Throwing obama out of the Oval Office would have me dancing in the streets.


Little Johnny 01.10.2013 04:15

Hopefully this starts the Sheeple wake up call but I'm not holding my breath. Hey just print more money and everything will be ok. Infinite growth + Finite resources + unsustainable populations = total cluster F&ck.


Fahad Haroon 01.10.2013 04:08

I feel bad for Soldiers & Veterans who's Salaries & pension might get delayed.


gera toutoune 01.10.2013 04:02

Unlike the coup against Morsi. Netanyru is inflicting one on Obama far more interesting than that of general Assisi, for failing to attack Syria. This failure to vote on the US budget is more of a geopolitical plot than a domestic one.


'Justin Countryman 01.10.2013 03:56

Gee..I'm so sorry to hear that the Government might shut down...I don't know what I'll do...../sarcasm off. I really don't care, they've done nothing but hinder us and make us look like the hated evil American country of the world.


Robert Emery 01.10.2013 03:54

The US hasn't had a budget since 2009 and will not run out of money until the Debt Ceiling is reached the middle of October. This is one big Kabuki dance that doesn't need to happen. For example national parks will be closed even those the public pays a fee to keep open.


Anthony Enos Wicher 01.10.2013 03:20

Obamacare is bad legislation but Republicans should just let it get implemented, and if people don't like it they can elect a few more Republican senators next year and then get rid of it. Threatening to shut the government down won't work and will backfire. People will blame the Republicans for shutting down the government same as they did with Clinton and Gingrich in 1996. The Democrats are betting this will happen again and they are going to win this one.


James Whitmore 01.10.2013 03:03

I'm glad the the republicans is standing up for us and I hope they don't give in because obamacare is a train wreck that will hurt every working american.


Carlos Gomez 01.10.2013 02:55

Well we were expecting something else from the "Do Nothing" Congress ?

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