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US government shutdown: LIVE UPDATES

01.10.2013 01:17

The US government shutdown has ended 16 days after it shuttered federal agencies and put nearly one million workers on mandatory leave. An eleventh hour agreement spared a potentially catastrophic debt default and promised future negotiations.

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#NDAA 2012 16.10.2013 02:13

Why does any of this US Govt #ShutDown surprise anyone? There're no accidents in US Govt, only causes. This is a well orchestrated distraction. Google #NDAA that's the real horror story. It all leads back to what's in every American's wallet, Federal Reserve Notes AKA Faux Money which has turned 311+ million Americans into perpetual debt slaves.


Stevey Classic 16.10.2013 01:41

The feculence is about to get intrinsic.


TruthBeKnown 15.10.2013 17:36

Until America understands that the Choices of Democrats or Republicans are to control the masses We as Americans will forever be controlled by Corruption . Be an Independent American Vote for the Integrity, Consistent History and VOTE OUT those who have voted against constituents demands OR America is sure to be doomed


Sigmundr Fáelán Úlfheðinn 15.10.2013 15:42

"Squirrels are feeding on tomatoes from the First Lady’s White House garden"
I hope one day crows will be feeding on the rotting remains of the first lady and all the other idiots there, after a violent regicide.


irzyxel 13.10.2013 09:11

Rick Lee 12.10.2013 02:43

Ho w exactly do you propose to do that???


You have to change the minds of those locked into their parties. i.e. give up because you can't even reason with them. As soon as you counter one of their points it becomes a shouting match like little children.


irzyxel 13.10.2013 09:09

Given a choice between what exists, I'd roll with conservitive republicans. Not all share the left's assumption that they all hate and are racist. They actually care about making the hard choices.

Ho wever, as things stand everyone is wrong. Until humanity can overcome greed, I do not think there is any hope. As it stands the USA is in control of those who favor socialism. It is a system that does not work.

Lets rack up credit card debt and put off paying it until tomorrow, but till the end of time. All while raising your own limits when it suits you. Math much? Quit being babies.


eric 12.10.2013 21:53

Lets give billions of aid to the middle east for imperial interests, but the american people "they must pay".... A government for the people by the people... I think they need a reminder... recind the income tax and they all crumble... recind the income tax


Alan G Gervasi 11.10.2013 20:19

Consider the Tea Party, a successful political party like their's does take an enormous wealth to begin. Consider money for rent to hold meetings. Add to that Television communications, "grassroots&quo t; public booths. Pay printing costs for local posters, banners and flyers..then mulitply that by howany cities..? The Tea Party is certainly the "New Billionares Club."


Alan G Gervasi 11.10.2013 20:14

RT is the Worker's Party news about that which America has too long ignored. I for myself, and for my children, would like to enlist in an American Labor Party.


Alan G Gervasi 11.10.2013 20:08

The discredit-Obama antics of the GOP are aimed at weakening the Democratic Party and at winning the 2014 Presidential Election. If the Dems can't tame the unruly horse, then they aren't fit to rule the country. The GOP horse isn't tamable because it doesn't want to be tamed and the Conservatives have their own agenda which doesn't include Democrats.

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