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Three-quarters of Americans distrust the government

12.03.2013 18:58

A new poll shows that 73 percent of Americans distrust the decisions made by the federal government – a number that has been steadily increasing throughout the last two administrations.

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Liberator 14.09.2013 12:56

By systematically spying on every phone call and email it can get its fangs on, government has abundantly demonstrated it does not trust us, who are forced to pay its bills.

So the only surprise here is that the percentage of us who distrust government is not higher yet. Seems they are still able to fool as many as a quarter of the people.

Anonymous user 14.07.2013 13:08

Can you trust a gov't that commits extra-judicial killings in its own land (i.e. Michael Hastings)?

Anonymous user 12.05.2013 17:48

With immigration 'reform', those numbers should improve.

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 02:12

Why should they not distrust their government. Liars all

Anonymous user 01.05.2013 12:28

Americans distrust the government because all da lies that were made against other countries for war


ethan MacCready 30.04.2013 00:02

So I challenge you secret anonymos commenters to speak up about your country of origin and how perfect it is. Any of you, there are a small handful of socialisitc countries where the system functions, but guess what, most of them are still complaining because they have to pay 260 euro a semester to visit the Uni or pay for the unemployed alcoholics or for the 1000 poor and hopeless immagrants that enter each week. All I am really trying to say is in the end is give some advice or open your borders to let those troubled in or just shut your freakin hole!


ethan MacCready 29.04.2013 23:58

We will have change sooner or later for the good because we have hope as a society who is willing and want to keep what we already have and what we have worked for, unlike many, so many, too many other ignorant countries who policies are barbaric and still biblical because of forced religion or a closed culture. r borders to let those troubled in or just shut your freakin hole!


ethan MacCready 29.04.2013 23:57

We have a stronger and fearless voice in America, and that has much more lethal and just potentiel then most of these other lands and countries in the world that shoot, kidnap and rape their landsman and women for speaking out against their leaders and regime.

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 20:35

Bill Ohio
Like Obama
Most of the rest of it not so much.

Anonymous user 18.04.2013 15:41

Durbin (D)" the banks... most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they frankly own the place.”

Anonymous user 18.04.2013 15:38

The only ones who trust government are the welfare types and bankers who run it.

Anonymous user 06.04.2013 02:17

USA Needs Constitutional Amendment to Allow Binding Superseding National Referenda see ni4d dot us

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 14:39

so stop voting.. just dont vote

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 01:05

The intellectually disabled retatrded monkeys are out voted by three to one!


Klaas Klaassen 14.03.2013 11:01

GoldMorg Com , the usa GoldMorgs plans to nuke Goldman Sachs It will be blamed that internet publications growd hatred and leaded to the nuclear attack. Internet like infowars,com boilingfrogspost,com of sibel edmonds. The GoldMorgs want all banned from internet.
3- A false pretext to attack N-Korea and Iran. They will be accused of connections to the nuking of Goldman Sachs, like Afghanistan and Iraq were accused of 911, while Saoud and the US were connected to 911.
4- And various other reasons for a pearl harbor, twin towers, 2013 nuclear attack on Goldman Sachs, in reality by the GoldMorgs themselves again.


Klaas Klaassen 14.03.2013 10:55

GoldMorg Com , the usa GoldMorgs planned to have the building of Goldman Sachs destroyd with an old fashion portable nuclear mine. This serves several purposes.
1- To pretend that all data have disappeared so that they become unavailable for a search by a disobedient FBI after the lootings of trillions by the GoldMorgs.
2- A false pretext to ban all internetexposure about the banksterfamilies, the four horseman and the eight. The internetexposere about the GoldMorgs is a steadily developing true picture about the GoldMorgs, with more and more structure and facts, like on veteranstoday,com

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 05:37

Democracy in Action for you.

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