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Guantanamo attorney dead in apparent suicide

02.05.2013 01:24

An American lawyer representing detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp has been found dead in an apparent suicide.

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Anonymous user 23.05.2013 17:34

So tired of watching the world fall to pieces. It will get worse before better. Will be real bad

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 21:57

A common lawyer tactic is to sandbag for a bang surprize, but someone "faithful" probably talked.

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 21:52

A common lawyer tactic is to sandbag for a bang surprize, and someone "faithful" probably talked.

Anonymous user 08.05.2013 01:38

I stand with those who are innocent, may God Bless and grant them relief in these difficult times!

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 07:31

Probably was killed by government.

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 00:48

Jesus Christ. The conspiracy theorists are jerking off furiously.


Lawrence Cacham 04.05.2013 19:14

Imagine the terror, the US has deep down inside, about what happens to an Islamic world waiting to hear these mens stories. The Islamic moderates, all turning to the darkside, a religious stain on the United States.

The United States would hope these men die there, or are gagged by long sentances then, without "time served" so an entire generation can pass, with them.

The guilty hope in death they can escape the crimes they committed and avoid drinking their own cup they forced upon others.

Anonymous user 04.05.2013 13:52


Anonymous user 04.05.2013 10:39

The reason gitmo is still open is due to 150 million us tax payers dollars which is going to jews

Anonymous user 04.05.2013 01:18

38 years old, an 11 year old daughter, on the right side of Justice and he decides to shoot himself?

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 20:00

They can't let anyone linked to Bin Laden talk. Google "Israel did 911, all the proof in the world"

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 18:07

some of them are innocent. even some of you anonymous posters MUST know or suspect that. terrible.

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