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Pentagon moves towards shuttering Gitmo as Republicans advocate adding inmate

10.10.2013 08:37

The Pentagon has launched a new board to review the threat posed by prisoners held without charge at Guantanamo military prison. The move is aimed at aiding the eventual closure of the facility, a goal that the Obama administration has failed to achieve.

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Patricia Sheerin-Richman 11.10.2013 09:56

Shaker Aamer, the last Londoner in Guantanamo Bay, went out to Afghanistan with his family to work for a charity setting up girls' schools. He was kidnapped and handed over to US for a large bounty. For over 11 years he has been held prisoner and tortured and, despite being cleared for release along with many other detainees, he has not been released. In order to be cleared for release surely these men have already been assessed as posing no threat.


mary 10.10.2013 15:02

dear american politicians have you not heard of an institution called a court of law, they consist of judges, lawyers, evidence.... they are places where the truth comes out as opposed to it being buried in gitmo.


Delete This Comment 10.10.2013 13:44

Adding Obama as an inmate would certainly solve a few problems.

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