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‘Gitmo Clock’ counts seconds since Obama’s unfulfilled pledge to free prisoners

09.08.2013 09:32

Activists calling for closure of Guantanamo Bay prison have launched an online clock, which counts the time since President Obama’s latest promise to set free inmates whom the US cleared for release. So far all of the 86 men remain incarcerated.

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Michael James 10.08.2013 04:27

This is a situation where blame needs to be put on congress. When was the last time congress passed any policy O proposed? Oh that's right, congress is still busy attempting to repeal universal healthcare.


Erik Lorenz 09.08.2013 19:57

I imagine when the US finds other governments that are willing to receive them as detainees, then they will start moving them out of GITMO. But who else is really willing to pick up that responsibility?


Daniel hudd 09.08.2013 16:22

Guantanamo prisoners should be released unless we have a case against them. This is a stain on our Nation. Put a chip in them and let them go, if they return to terrorism send a drone and wipe them off the face of the planet. At least we could save some face before the Nations in doing so. Let their blood be on their own hands, not their captivity on ours.


Zina Saidova 09.08.2013 16:18

IF Germany, UK and France and other Arabic country could take their citizen back from this Prison to their country maybe this Prison would be close earlier...


Gerry Noble 09.08.2013 13:37

Don't hold your breathe.

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