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Shackles, masks and nasal tubes: Gitmo revises force-feeding techniques (PHOTOS)

13.05.2013 17:45

Hunger strikers being force-fed at Guantanamo Bay must wear masks over their mouths while being shackled to a restraint chair for up to two hours. Authorities have revised the way they feed the strikers, comparing their techniques to battlefield tactics.

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Anonymous user 04.06.2013 05:13

$900k per prisoner per year your right the military industrial complex will keep them alive!

Anonymous user 20.05.2013 10:51

I cannot imagine the punishment these guards may face in H ell.

Anonymous user 20.05.2013 07:21

You are all being played

Anonymous user 17.05.2013 06:17

And when deemed medically necessary, the person is considered to be unable to think rationally

Anonymous user 16.05.2013 19:44

This nasal force feeding is yet another punishment to these detainees, many of them been cleared.

Anonymous user 16.05.2013 14:30

most of them innocent people. 911-burning "Reichstag" ; 2.0 disigned by the Fed, 800 FEMA Camps , NDAA


Caroline 16.05.2013 10:56

Every country does something the world doesn't agree with. America has gained crucial intel that has prevented dozens of large-scale terrorist attacks around the world.
You may not agree with the tactics. I understand both sides of the argument. It's a shame such things have to be done. But on the other hand, how many more lives have been saved around the world because of the intel gained?
I'm not saying you should agree with the US. I just wish we could all try to see the big picture. Terrorism is a threat to every person on this planet. The US may have prevented a 9/11 in your country.
Would you rather them not?

Anonymous user 16.05.2013 10:39

I'm American. I don't like what's happening but if it prevents another 9/11 it's a necessary evil.

Anonymous user 16.05.2013 08:38

Now we know how to treat any Americans we find terrorising our country with their fat backsides

Anonymous user 16.05.2013 08:35

Like it matters who you vote for. Obama is taking up where Bush left off. This game is RIGGED.

Anonymous user 15.05.2013 11:22

and Americans will vote for the Democrats again!!

Anonymous user 15.05.2013 05:42

Shoot them all in the head and be done with it

Anonymous user 15.05.2013 01:22

One bullet.... problem solved!


Kit Holz 14.05.2013 21:17

All Americans are terrorist combatants! Why did we fight the Na zi s? This is the new normal? Are we crazy?

Why did President Putin talk to a murderer like Nethanyahu and Kerry?

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