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Gun ownership in US on decline

11.03.2013 15:54

Despite a recent trend showing Americans flocking to buy firearms, a recent poll found that the number of US homes with a gun has steadily declined since the 1970s.

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Anonymous user 29.03.2013 07:25

Im sure this poll is WRONG, I know I wouldnt talk to a person on the phone bout gun ownership...

Anonymous user 27.03.2013 15:02

My guess is people are becoming less likely to tell strangers on the phone if they have guns or not.


Joe Cushing 27.03.2013 03:14

I love the picture with the kid and the gun to. It's a great tradition for dads and now moms to introduce kids to guns.


Joe Cushing 27.03.2013 03:13

Gun ownership may be on a decades trend going down but it is now increasing. New people, including me, have entered the gun ownership group in the last year. I doubt the polls are picking this up yet. It's a good time to build a gun factory because demand has been up for 4 straight to being almost double what it was for the 4 years before that.

Anonymous user 26.03.2013 22:23

OMG, that's rich! Gun ownership declining? Look I know this is a russian site, but c'mon.

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 19:39

Gun ownership in America is booming! You CANT buy guns without a month to two month waiting period.

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 15:08

I will deny owning guns if someone asks me. None of their business.

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 13:28

Very few will admit to having any

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 10:52

gun stores are bare. Amunition all sold out! America is armed! Ready!

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 10:50

there are more drones than guns in america.

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